Biden Collapse Confirmed [Developing]

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  1. Were you all referring to Bathhouse Barry Oscuma and his husband, ex high school and college linebacker, Big Mike, now known as Michelle? Prostitute Harris is best friends Her installment was part of the plan After all, once he steps down from speech, language processing impairment secondary to cerebral vascular insults, he cannot be held accountable for what he signed even if he truly couldn’t write by himself Your thoughts?

  2. Here it again. Be very worried people. Biden is in daily contact with Obama who expressed a desire for a 3rd term through a weak president that would follow his instructions. Does he have it in Joe Biden?

    1. Exactly! That wasn’t a stumble when he called himself obiden bama during the run up to the Presidency. He was stating that the UNQUALIFIED and abysmal presidency of that foreign actor obama was going to be repeated through him and his equally UNQUALIFIED and UnAmerican cohort harris. It seems the democrat party can’t find any QUALIFIED AMERICAN willing to run under their communist agenda.

  3. How pathletic. My grandpa was more alert than Mr Biden. All the muttering, stumbling of words! How could his handlers
    let him out in public? Shame on them.

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