Biden claims on Afghanistan swifty contradicted by administration officials

During a televised address from the White House on Friday, President Joe Biden made a number of claims about the situation on the ground in Afghanistan, but it was not long before officials inside his own administration and others set about contradicting them, as the New York Post reports.

Among the many questionable assertions made by the commander in chief was one in which he claimed that notorious terror group al Qaeda lacks a presence in Afghanistan, perhaps in an attempt to alleviate fears that the power vacuum resulting from the U.S. withdrawal from the country will permit its resurgence.

However, according to a recent report from the United Nations, nearly half of all provinces in Afghanistan have al Qaeda involvement within them, and even Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby admitted as much last week, saying, “we know that al Qaeda is a presence, as well as ISIS, in Afghanistan and we’ve talked about that for quite some time.”

Biden also bizarrely claimed that Taliban fighters are not preventing Americans from accessing the airport in Kabul to reach evacuation flights, saying, “we know of no circumstance where American citizens are carrying an American passport and are trying to get through to the airport,” then clarifying by adding, “to the best of our knowledge, the Taliban checkpoints, they are letting through people showing American passports.”

Again countering the president’s characterization of events, Kirby soon after declared that the Pentagon did indeed have knowledge of scenarios in which the Taliban had impeded travel to the airport, declaring, “We’re certainly mindful of these reports and they’re deeply troubling.”

Perhaps even more incredibly, Biden attempted to convince the nation that he has received no criticism from allies across the globe about his handling of the U.S. troop withdrawal, arguing that he has in fact garnered praise.

That particular claim was quickly debunked, however, with journalists pointing to public condemnation issued during a session of the U.K. Parliament in which Biden’s conduct was deemed “catastrophic,” “shameful,” and dishonourable.” as well as a statement from the head of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, who called the American retreat the “biggest debacle” NATO has ever witnessed.

All of these glaring inconsistencies between Biden’s Friday spin and easily verifiable facts on the ground have left many to wonder whether the president is either staggeringly uninformed, hopelessly confused, or diabolically dishonest.

As Fox News’ chief national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin explained immediately after Biden’s speech, the aforementioned claims simply “couldn’t be fact-checked fast enough in real-time,” something which confirmed for many the jarring suspicion that the president is continuing to operate in what she called an “alternate reality.”