Biden caught on camera sniffing a child’s head again

Joe Biden, the president, has a lengthy history of dubious behavior around small children, and a recent video presented yet another illustration of this. Biden can be seen standing close to a young girl on what seems to be a bike track in the woods in the footage that was posted on Twitter.

After a short while, he appeared to lean down and sniff the girl’s head before speaking into her ear. The man standing next to the girl was maintaining a straight expression while gazing off into the distance. After watching the video, a lot of people expressed their disgust on social media,” according to The Western Journal.

“What mom would allow her child close to him,” one user questioned.

As Biden approached the girl, some people remarked that she seemed to start to back away. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Biden has been photographed having an inappropriate conversation with a young child.

While serving as vice president, Biden patted the daughter of Republican Sen. Jim Risch as he took the oath of office and requested a photo alone with her. He appeared uneasy at the thought.

“Dad’s going to stand pretty close,” Risch said. Biden went on to comment about what he would do “if I was young.” Turning Point USA’s Richard Armande Mills shared a video of the unsettling interaction.

One individual posted the interaction on Twitter saying, “I notice the children he is standing to close to and leans in on creepily pull away. Their natural instincts that something feels off seems to kick in. Watch how she pulls away the moment he puts his head down on hers to whisper/sniff whatever he is doing.”

Biden’s history of seeming to aggressively smell small children has caused concern among many, and made him fodder for a plethora of memes and jokes among conservatives.