Biden castigates China and Russia for not being more serious about climate change

President Joe Biden voiced his dim view of China and Russia for not attuning the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference – referred to as COP26 – which took place in Glasgow this week.

According to Fox News, the president said that he had spoken with the superpowers about their attendance saying, “I indicated that China and Russia not showing up — and Saudi Arabia — is a problem,” Biden said. 

Though Saudi Arabia did participate in the conference, some felt that they were underwhelming in their commitment to fighting climate change, and others have said that even firm commitments, like COP26, will not be sufficient to hold the top emitters accountable.

“As of 2019, China was responsible for 27.92% of global emissions, according to Statistica,” Fox News reported. “The United States accounted for 14.5%, while India accounted for 7.17%, Russia for 4.6%, and Saudi Arabia for 1.59%.”

Biden and a significant contingency from his administration appeared at the conference, the subject of which has been a key issue to progressives and the Democratic Party. 

“We showed up, and by showing up, we’ve had a profound impact on the way I think the rest of the world is looking at the United States and its leadership role,” Biden said of COP26. 

“I think it’s been a big mistake, quite frankly, for China, with respect to China, not showing up,” the president added. “The rest of the world will look to China and say, ‘What value-added are they providing?’ And they’ve lost an ability to influence people around the world and all the people here at COP. The same way, I would argue, with regard to Russia.”

China is reportedly breaking its promises concerning climate change, despite Xi having signed the Paris climate agreement and pledging to become carbon-neutral by 2060. Included in the infractions by the Asian country are the construction of new coal plants, both in China and abroad.

While Biden said he has told Chinese President Xi Jinping, “This is competition; it does not have to be conflict,” some of the former EPA leadership, including Steve Milloy, a former Trump-Pence EPA transition member and founder of, are not encouraged: 

“Biden’s slam of Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin for not showing up at COP26 is a sad indication of Biden’s failure to grasp or accept real-world realities,” Milloy told Fox News. “China wants to be the lone global superpower by 2049. Russia wants to get Europe hooked on its natural gas. So neither country has any interest in hamstringing its own economy with destructive climate regulations.”

“Rather, Xi and Putin seem have taken to heart the Napoleonic principle of never interfering with your opponent while he is in the process of destroying himself, which is exactly what the U.S. and Europe are doing with their suicidal embrace of climate idiocy,” Milloy added.