Biden blames Americans stranded in Afghanistan for their own plight

President Joe Biden clapped back at the Americans stranded in Kabul and former President Donald Trump on Tuesday in what is being called a bizarre speech about Afghanistan. 

According to a report in The Daily Wire the current president pushed back against criticism from across the world about leaving Americans and allies stranded in the now Taliban-controlled Afghan nation.

“In April, I made a decision to end this war,” Biden said in what began to appear like a move toward taking responsibility for his actions.

The president quickly pivoted toward shifting blame onto others, however going on to say, “As part of that decision, we set the date of August 31st for American troops to withdraw.”

Biden lauded the “extraordinary success” of the mission, which resulted in 13 dead U.S. service members and hundreds of Americans being left behind in Afghanistan.

The president turned away from the reporters who, understandably, had some questions about the White House’s official stance on the mission that so many citizens considered to be a botched handing of military actions.

Some questions have arisen from what appears to be a breaking of the president’s commitment he made during an interview with ABC News where ehe said he would leave U.S. troops in the country until all Americans who wanted to leave had been evacuated.

In fact, the president initially set the withdrawal deadline back in April to September 11, but later changed it, according to the Daily Wire’s report. 

In addition to blaming Trump, the local Afghan military and American citizens, Biden attempted to shift blame by saying they warned 19 times, Biden said, “I take responsibility for the decision.”

After blaming Trump, the Afghan military, and American citizens that the administration claims they warned 19 times, seeming to indicate that was warning enough. Biden said, “I take responsibility for the decision.”