Biden belittles law-abiding gun owners at Beverly Hills fundraiser

Cementing his reputation as a doddering partisan hack, President Joe Biden on Friday launched into a bizarre diatribe against law-abiding American gun owners while appearing at a California fundraiser attended by Democrat Party elites, as Breitbart reports.

Speaking to high-dollar donors in Beverly Hills, Biden took metaphorical aim at those who would oppose his administration’s latest push for gun control by rambling about conversations he claims to have had with firearms owners in the 1990s when he supported a ban on certain semi-automatic weapons and ammunition magazines.

When citizens would express their displeasure at his vote for such restrictions and suggest that he ultimately intended to take their weapons, Biden said, he would counter by ridiculing their desire to own such equipment in the first place.

“They’d say, ‘God darn, Joe, what the hell are you doing taking my gun away?’” the president reminisced before again recycling one of his favorite rhetorical lines on the topic. “And I said, ‘Let me ask you a question.’ I said, ‘How many – when you go deer hunting, how many deer are wearing Kevlar vests?’”

Biden continued, “’By the way, if you need 30, 40, 60, up to 100 rounds to fire,’ I said, ‘you’re a danger to yourself, man.’”

Attempting to articulate his opposition to calls from some Republicans to arm and train teachers to thwart attacks in school buildings, Biden indicated that the disapproving stance of his wife – herself a former teacher – convinced him that the concept is a flawed one.

“There’s a reason why the military takes so long to train somebody,” Biden declared, before offering the macabre observation that “It’s not easy to pick up a rifle or a gun and blow somebody’s brains out in front.”

Biden’s tone when speaking to wealthy liberal contributors seems to run contrary to assurances he made during a recent address to the nation on gun control in which he stated, “[f]or so many of you at home, I want to be very clear – this is not about taking away anyone’s guns. It’s not about vilifying gun owners.”

“I respect the culture, the tradition, the concerns of lawful gun owners,” Biden continued, before asserting – in a manner that should alarm every member of that aforementioned group – “[a]t the same time, the Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute.”