Biden backtracks on promise to raise refugee admission cap

Finding itself caught between appeasing its far-left base and responding to cratering poll numbers on immigration, the Biden administration this week was forced to walk back yet another promise made by the president earlier this year.

As Reuters reports, an order signed by President Joe Biden on Friday caps the number of refugee admissions permitted this year to 15,000 – equal to a limit set by former President Donald Trump – in a complete reversal of his earlier pledge to increase the tally to 62,000.

The furor stems from the fact that back in February, Biden vowed that the Trump-era refugee cap of 15,000 would be increased by a substantial margin for the remainder of this year and ultimately raised to 125,000 next year, as Politico noted. However, on Friday, administration officials made it clear that the cap would not in fact be immediately raised, in what many viewed as a failure to fulfill a promise to supporters.

Biden’s move, however, sparked an instant outcry from Democrat legislators as well as refugee advocates, which prompted the president to then suggest that he would revisit the subject and announce a “final, increased refugee cap” for the rest of the fiscal year by mid-May.

According to NPR, the reaction from the left was swift and damning, with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) declaring the 15,000 limit “unacceptable,” adding, “Say it ain’t so, President Joe.” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) echoed Durbin’s sentiment, calling the move not just unacceptable, but “unconscionable” as well.

A letter signed by Rep. Jayapal together with Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) lamented the decision, saying, as NPR reported:

Having fought for four years against the Trump Administration’s full-scale assault on refugee resettlement in the United States, we were relieved to see you commit to increasing our refugee resettlement numbers so early in your Administration.

But until the Emergency Presidential Determination is finalized, our refugee policy remains unacceptably draconian and discriminatory.

Though the administration attempted to quash speculation that the decision came in response to the president’s cratering poll numbers on his handling of the migrant crisis at the southern border, there is no denying that the administration has taken a serious hit due to the escalating humanitarian crisis it has allowed to unfold in recent months.

Nevertheless, Biden national security adviser Jake Sullivan maintained that while the increases in refugee admissions desired by the left may not happen right away, the administration “will use all 15,000 slots under the new Determination and work with Congress on increasing admissions and building back to the numbers to which we’ve committed.”

Considering the highly controversial nature of refugee resettlement programs in localities across the nation and the thin ice on which the Biden administration is already treading due to the chaos at the border, the president may want to rethink whether caving to the far left on this issue really is in his party’s best interests.

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  1. At this point, We the People are better off with Marshall Law…. Put almost all of them in jail or send the deserving to the gallows.

  2. When you count real votes in the last election, you find that Biden got 20% and Trump got 80% and won in a landslide. It was stolen by preprogrammed algorithms in the count machines. The result was we are now in a Marxist banana republic. Pray for your families.

  3. A.O.C. and the rest pushing him should lead by example and fund up the additional refugees out of their own monies and or take them in to their own households.

  4. I’m totally against the Biden Administration
    He’s done nothing for our country. All he’s done, with overbearing executive orders. Who does he think is? Certainly not God but a devil in sheep’s clothing. He and all his staff should be impeached and put in prison. Better yet forced to be relieved of their citizenship and deported.

  5. Biden could learn a lot from Trump.

    It’s too bad he has to take orders from people that look out for him so he doesn’t get impeached.

    How come it was so easy for Pelosi to try to impeach President Trump?

    We need a Republican with a backbone to start finding reasons to impeach Biden, that wouldn’t be hard to do.

    All they would have to do is read some of the comments we leave on these sites.

  6. Finally Biden is taking some leadership. He is the president now and he should not take this grief from the radical left that do not seem to take American citizens interest first. During the primary Biden said he is the leader of the party and now it looks like he is putting the countries interest first on this issue.

  7. Watch & see if this isn’t another sleight-of-hand trick by the commiecrats & the Criminalocracy! They WILL do anything to make themselves look better, then go under the table to get what they want-commiecrat votes!

  8. Biden is such a weak kneed person. How in the world can he lead our nation. He can’t. Neither can Kamala or Nancy or Schumer. They all need to go.

  9. Well, the damage is done and it won’t work!! We’ve had a ‘taste’ of the ‘snake oil’ and that is enough!! Wondering if my ‘comment’ will be posted this time. Several times now–they haven’t done that for me. Guess they don’t like my ‘opinions’, huh? LOL

  10. Joe must have someone in his ear telling him to back off because it is going to hurt the Democrats come Election time. I think he’s doing a great job helping the next Republican win the next Election.

  11. Biden will say he has reached his cap, but look how fast he caved when the left Congress hollered about it. He will wait until the dust settles and then start bringing in more when he thinks no one is looking. Heck he may become a smuggler himself. Bring in the trucks boys, but only at night. Smuggle these guys in and spread them out across the country before anyone finds out.

  12. Who and I mean who gave a new word to the demorats “DRACONIAN “ everything and every time they speak it’s their new catch/key word the laws are draconian, the election process is draconian, the Supreme Court is draconian the Constitution is draconian. We here in America up to now have been the luckiest people in the world, all of the things I mentioned earlier as draconian we’re written by men who wrote these documents for their lifetime and the future of all Americans, with some minor tweaking when needed , but nothing ever major like the demorats want now to aid in them being the dictatorship for whatever is left of America 🇺🇸. Amendments are the way we do things in America not executive orders, these are more of edicts, why do we need a cabinet, legislators and all the support staff that goes with all of this apparent overhead and oh the added cost like Pelosi personal travel expenses at our cost , charge her to reimburse the treasury, booze, steaks , lobster. I served and retired from the military, we could not have alcohol on our expense vouchers it was not allowed or tolerated , her booze bill alone could pay many military personnel wages for a while

    1. They had to come up with something ‘new’!! I mean, they ‘wore out’ the ‘racist’ card until it was paper thin!! So now it’s ‘draconian’, is it!! At least it has more ‘letters’ to it!! Why is it, every time they find a new ‘name’ to call us–it suits ‘them’ better than ‘us’!! Remember when Pres Trump was ‘Hitler’?? ROFL!!!

  13. Here’s a new novel idea, move all detainees, to Washinton DC, park them in front of congress and the White house, since they refuse to address there is a problem. Then build a wall around DC to keep our representatives and their new constituents locked together. No one leaves to jet home on our dimes.

  14. “Biden Stuns Nation – Total REVERSAL Announced” This had me hoping that we now have a cure for dementia.

  15. So he capped the number of immigrants, but permits thousands to pour across the border illegally. He has reached his objective and is weakening America.

    1. Still trying to make it ‘look’ like he’s doing the ‘right’ thing–all the while, doing the ‘wrong’ thing!! Typical Dem ploy but we’re not buying it this time, Joe!!

  16. The first thing we need to do is send out all the so called President, Vice President and all of Congress to other countries. That way they could destroy the other countries and the United States would be a better place to live. If the Polititans had a grain of sence they would know the USA can’t support the whole world, even now the way the Government is being run the USA can’t support the citizens here. At fhe way we are going the USA will be a third wourld country in a very few years. This is plain and simple you can’t spend more money than is coming in but so long.

  17. The sooner we get the wall completed , The easier it will be to stop the illegal crossings.we know President Trump will make America great again for a second time in 2024.
    The swamp still needs to be cleaned.

  18. Don’t bet the farm that there will be only 15,000. What Biden says and what Biden does don’t always come out the same.

  19. We need to finish the wall at the southern border and stop letting in all the illegal in the country. America first

  20. Maybe Biden is waking up and seeing that there is no way he can pay for the ones he has now, let alone more. Not only is he facing the crisis of housing, feeding, and cleaning up the crimes of the migrants, many are bringing COVID and Ebola I just read about the Ebola part. They mostly go into Australia, but how long until here? A day? Maybe already here.

      1. He wasn’t elected, he stole the election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!President Trump is still OUR PRESIDENT……

        He was not elected, he STOLE the election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!President Trump is still OUR PRESIDENT…

        1. I AGREE 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

      2. Yes we have a clown in the White House who has no idea what he is doing, he can’t even think and a bunch of criminals in Congress who fixed the election to put Biden in office so they could control him! What a joke our Government is! Get rid of AOC and that bunch of crooks and recall Biden and Harris and impeach Pelosi and put her in prison!

    1. Build the wall we can’t afford for 100thousand more people who will feed them I’m sorry for the good people who want to be with us but the scum is scum and we don’t want them anymore

    2. Alicia C, I sooo totally agree with your comment. Now that the border is a mess, biden and his administration doesn’t want anything to do with it.

    3. Agree they need to be returned especially those children they are bound to have family back in their country of origin instead of flying or busing to place in US use it to fly them home.

    4. I so agree with you, this whole mess blew up when Obiden ran his mouth before he was even sworn in. I say shut the borders down and not one person comes in until until this crap is under control.

  21. Biden is lying about this they are worried about the midterm elections and then they will start again this is another one of the squard tricks

    1. Well, the damage is done and it won’t work!! We’ve had a ‘taste’ of the ‘snake oil’ and that is enough!! Wondering if my ‘comment’ will be posted this time. Several times now–they haven’t done that for me. Guess they don’t like my ‘opinions’, huh? LOL

  22. this moron is finally seeing that Trump was correct in all he did. too late, he already has more in this country than all of 2020. but look at the adenochrome he is harvesting!!!!!

      1. But Piglosy has power so she is dangerous. Biden may be finally recognizing that Trump’s boarder policy was right for America after all but look at the illegals he already let in. Biden is not in any way putting America first but instead dead last. We can’t survive 4 years of this man and Kamala is no better and if we impeach both then we have Piglosy next in line. I don’t see any way out of 4 of the worst years ever with those 3 possibilities. WE need a special election do over but I know that will never happen. We are stuck in cement for 4 of the longest years in history I think.

      2. If Biden, Obama, pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, have no idea what to do with them, send them to Washington, and Delaware, Bidens family and friends would probably help out.

    1. And now you know what’s happening to all those young children down there on the border that are just disappearing. The adrenochrome now flows freely since Wuhan was shut down. And the pedo Island was shut down.

    2. And tomorrow he will raise it to 50,000. This idiot and his whole Administration need to be impeach NOW!! He is a clear and present danger to OUR country. I just don’t understand why EVER ATTORNEY GENERAL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEYS aren’t banding together against this Administration for the Laws they are braking and the danger they are putting us citizens in.

        1. Judy…are you the grammar police? When people write in these posts they are angry and somewhat upset, so some mistakes are made. We know what the person was trying to say. Forgive them and let it slide unless you yourself have a hard time understanding what they are trying to get across.

      1. because they are being paid with your tax dollars to see nothing and hear nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. You are using much softer verbiage than I would, but you get yours printed and forwarded! People don’t realize that there was, and still is for the way that the BIG ZERO stayed away from supporting Biden all thru the election and even didn’t step up til he was begged to by the DUMBOCRABS,,,and now he is going to try to save their “Party” by jumping in to support “SLO-SLUFFIN JOE” and the “PARTY” from imploding within the first 6 months! Now, all of a sudden, the dam is rupturing and the DUMMIES have decided to use ANY METHOD POSSIBLE to try to scrape the dregs off the stained demo’s wall, and make changes! We are faced with the most corrupt “regime” ever, and we don’t need more justices to tell us that!! I am 81 and glad that I don’t have to witness this CRAP much longer!! My main regret is that This NATIONS youth have no defense to help them stave off the carnage that is inevitable under this White House!! IF SOMEONE DOESN”T START TEACHING AND LIVING THE GOLDEN RULE, AMERICA IS LOST!

    4. Noooo! Don’t deceive yourself. He has a trick up his other sleave. Cannot trust anything this illegitimate president says or does.

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