Biden approval ratings collapse below 50%

As The Hill reports, according to a new poll from Monmouth University, voter approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance is on the decline, showing a drop of six points since its April measurement, in what may be a sign of challenging times to come for the administration’s radical agenda.

As The Hill reports, 48% of those queried by the Monmouth survey gave the president a positive review, whereas 54% signaled their approval the last time the poll was conducted.

Of particular concern to Biden, however, may be the fact that his approval among Democrats dropped nine points since the last poll, going from 95% down to 86%. Support from the all-important independent voters also fell, dipping to 36% from the 47% approval previously registered in that group.

Interestingly, the president had an increase of approval from Republican voters, with support among that category rising from 11% all the way up to 19%.

Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray offered his broad take on the results, saying, “Biden’s rating is still in net positive territory, but it seems to have taken a dip with the growing uncertainty that his signature spending plans will be enacted,” referencing the protracted congressional negotiations over the size and scope of the president’s massive infrastructure plans.

As the Daily Caller pointed out, these results continue the Biden trend of pulling polling numbers that are lower than the average typically earned by his predecessors in office at a similar stage in their terms. The previous 14 presidents averaged around 66% approval at this stage of the game, with former Presidents Gerald Ford and Donald Trump the only two leaders who notched lower levels of support.

There were some silver linings for Biden in the poll results, however, as respondents indicated high levels of approval with regard to administration spending programs such as the American Rescue Plan, which attained a 60% positive rating. The proposed American Jobs Plan and American Families Plans both evidenced noteworthy levels of popularity, coming in with 68% and 61% approval, respectively.

The Monmouth poll was conducted via telephone between June 9 and June 14, and included 810 adult respondents within the United States. The results have a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percentage points.

Though Biden has continued to enjoy the sort of sycophantic media coverage to which Democrat presidents are customarily treated, it seems clear that rising gas prices, threatened inflation, and the worsening migrant crisis at the southern border are issues from which he simply cannot hide forever, and voters are slowly but surely beginning to register their frustration.