Biden approval rating slips even lower

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has reached a new low as more Americans become disenfranchised with the way in which the Executive branch is handling the international COVID-19 crisis. 

According to The Times UK, the nation’s 46th president is looking down the reality that more and more voters are becoming unhappy with his reaction to several issues, including coronavirus and the economy. 

The publication cited a CNBC/Change Research Poll which was conducted last month and published earlier in the week which showed only around 40 percent of those who responded approved overall. 

The poll indicated that 44 percent of the likely voters questioned approved of Biden’s complete job performance, which is down two percent since September and seven points since April.

This is showing, yet again, a continuation of the downward trajectory that the president’s approval rating has been taking in his almost one year in the White House. 

“The ratings highlight the struggles ahead for Democrats as the US heads for mid-term elections in November that will determine the already precarious balance of power in Congress,” The Times reported. 

“Even in positive areas — such as the creation of six million jobs last year, crafting a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, getting 201 million people vaccinated and the stock market reaching record highs,” the president is still thought of as being inferior to his predecessor in many ways. 

Currently, the Biden Administration has to cope with not only an American people questioning his mental acuity but the fact that the former president has stayed very much in the limelight. 

As it stands, the 45th president has not stopped his massive campaign events, constant commenting on public policy and casting doubt on what the current administration is doing, since he began his campaign in the 2016 presidential election.