Biden announces administration focus on ‘climate crisis’ by boosting offshore wind

President Biden described climate change as an “emergency” during recent comments about his administration’s plan to combat the issue with offshore wind.

On Wednesday, Biden made a series of executive decisions aimed at addressing climate change public, according to Fox News.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., reportedly stated that he will not support a bill before the midterm elections that includes any provisions on energy and climate.

The lawmaker’s spokesperson told Fox News Digital that Manchin wants to “avoid taking steps that add fuel to the inflation fire.” Sen. Biden’s executive actions follow Manchin’s reported comments.

Included in the announced executive actions is the effort to “protect communities from extreme heat and dangerous climate impacts,” which will include $2.3 billion in funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program in 2022.

This funding is slated to help communities “increase resilience to heat waves, drought, wildfires, flood, hurricanes and other hazards by preparing before disaster strikes,” according to the White House.

Climate change is a “emergency,” according to Biden, who declared this while announcing the executive actions in Somerset, Massachusetts.

“This is an emergency — an emergency — and I will look at it that way,” Biden said. “I said last week, I’ll say it again, loud and clear. As president, I’ll use my executive powers to combat climate change, the climate crisis in the absence of congressional action.”

A senior White House administration official said the alleged climate crisis is an “urgent” challenge, adding that “what has already been unleashed in terms of climate is devastating.”