Biden and Pelosi’s plans for infrastructure bill derailed by House progressives

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed progressive Democrats to block the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill just days ago which marked a massive defeat, according to Fox News‘ report on the bill. 

According to the publication, the House speaker promised that Democrats would win the vote by Thursday of this week, and this failure could show just how tenuous Pelosi’s grasp on the House has become. 

Congress is faced with a gridlock with its Democrat majority pulling apart on both ends with progressives like members of “The Squad” pulling for massive change and moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) hesitant to sign onto the DNC’s entire agenda. 

Progressive Caucus Chairman Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-WA) commented on the failure of the bill in a Friday tweet saying, “I’ve never been as proud of [the Progressive Caucus] as I am in this moment.”

“Last night, we held strong for working families and stood up to corporate interests and lobbyists. Today, we keep fighting to deliver the President’s ENTIRE agenda for the American people.”

Jayapal’s caucus has 96 members currently and the progressive leader could soon be in a position to hold significant power in the lower house of Congress. 

Pelosi, an octogenarian, has significant name recognition, but in a party that is moving toward the left at a quick clip, kicking Caucasians to the curb as quickly as possible, the second most powerful woman in the nation could be at risk of unemployment soon. 

“There will be a vote today,” Pelosi said leaving the Capitol at 12:01 a.m., Friday morning, which according to Fox News, “could have been in reference to the Friday calendar day, or the Thursday legislative day, which because the House did not go out of session Thursday night bled into Friday.”

However, by the end of Friday, the House members left town without the vote, which officially ended “Thursday” no matter how you slice it.