Biden allies launch shady voting initiative

Biden administration allies are launching a “voting rights” initiative in partnership with President Joe Biden’s early initiative, Politico reported. 

The nonprofit, which is related to, but not directly under the Biden administration, is being called Building Back Together and is headed by Bob Bauer who advised Biden during his presidential campaign and was part of the Obama administration White House counsel.

“A broad-based coalition is required to expose the serious and continuing disinformation about the 2020 election, and to defend against the use of that disinformation to advance wholly unjustified and all too often flatly illegal restrictions on access to the polls,” Bauer said in an announcement shared with POLITICO.

“We also need to stand behind the election administrators of both parties now under attack for their dedicated non-partisan service to voters.”

According to Rubén Lebrón, who will be the program’s voting rights director and the group’s public information, they plan to promote legislation that will “support pro-voter advocacy groups in analyzing and developing strategic responses to state election laws and practices.”

Building Back Together is also partnering with other organizations including Fair Fight — which is led by Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams — the ACLU and Common Cause.

The nonprofit is slated to start with nine “initial priority states” including Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The one issue that conservatives and Democrats seem to agree on is that the last election was riddled with election problems.

While both sides believe they were at a disadvantage, they’re taking different approaches to dealing with the perceived problems with liberals largely attempting to recruit more voters and conservatives trying to litigate stricter voting verification laws.

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67 Responses

  1. Bauer and his ilk are nothing more than pathological liars. All that’s being done is to insure integrity in our voting process to keep illegal and dead votes out of the count, so sit down and shut up.

  2. China Joe and HoHoHarris are frauds, being sponsored by the Soros-led Cabal, and with the DNC’s henchmen (Marxist Antifa and BLM), plus Gates de-population plan, and last but not least… germ warfare! They obviously want Civil War, but hope to change the 2nd Amendment before it happens.

  3. The 2020 election was a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole thing was played out behind closed doors in every blue state!!!!!!!!!!!! and every American who voted knows very well it was!! the election was FRAUDULENT FROM THE GET to GO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Everyone knows the election was stolen. That’s why the Democrats go crazy when anyone looks into the fraudulent actions have been taken over the last election. Democrats are scared, that’s the way the cheaters live.


  6. The only people that were effective by the last election were the Republicans and Conservatives. Biden was handed the win on a sliver platter by Pence. All of President Trump’s legal votes were stolen from him. Biden did not win the election he was handed the election a big difference. Now all of the Republicans and Conservatives have to suffer thru it until 2024. Sickening!!!!

  7. Americans have the right to know if elections need to be fixed, or are the states doing a fair and orderly job. This audit will give us great insight as to the fairness and integrity of our election process. Republicans and Democrats do not know what the outcome will show, but what we do know that it is an independent audit and will give Americans some sort of resolution.

  8. There is a saying “repetition brings conviction”. That is exactly what the dems are doing. Repeating lies so many times that they hope the public will believe them. Only problem is: The American people are smarter than the dems., They can see through what is going on and in 2022 the dems will see the folly in their approach. Just because they keep telling lies and stirring the racism pot doesn’t make it so.

  9. Boy , liberal mis-information politico & all the OTHER complicit criminals of the liberal swamp all banding together to destroy America !

  10. What a DIatribe of gibberish. BS. BAUER ANOTHER PIG LATIN BS’ER liar,spews crap. I tried too follow his OBAMAO ebonics course. Obaomao must be cult diseased,because Bauer proved OBAMAO is contagious. Both genocide insane.

  11. Take your reply space and shove it you know where. You are so ignorant you can not take a TRUTHFUL comment against the MARXISTS! You will NEVER NEVER SILENCE ME! I would rather be DEAD than RED!

  12. The 2022 and 2024 elections will be nothing more than a repeat of the 2020 stolen elections! George Soros, the Communist Chinese and the bought and paid for corrupt Democrats are not about to be voted out of power. If we truly want them out, we’re going to have to force them out! My friends, we’ve already seen the damage that’s been done by the Biden/Harris Administration in just 100 days. What do you think that our country will be like in 2022 or 2024? Personally, I don’t think that our Republic will even survive until the 2022 elections if we don’t put a stop to the corruption and treason in this government! This is not a government BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE but rather, a government BY AND FOR ITSELF. That will only escalate until we put a stop to it!

  13. The above is so untrue! Conservatives are not trying to have stricter voting verification. We just want voter ID – IDs which are required to buy cigarettes, liquor, drive a car, fly on a plane, buy a drink in a restaurant. This is not stricter, this is good policy that we have always had. The Democrats want everyone to vote without an ID & without proving there are a US citizen. And red states don’t need any help from the Federal Government to do this. This is part of the State’s legislature & responsibility not the Federal government!

  14. It’s not the “disinformation” that bothers me, it’s the flat out lies, deceit and theft of the Democratic Party. They want the right to decide what I can hear and what I can believe. The Democrats have told more “windys” than any Party in history, so what would give them the right to decide what information I can see or read? We might as well start having nightly book burnings with only selected contributors. The Democrats are starting to scare me. I have no intention of becoming a slave to any political Party, much less one that hates America and favors the invaders.

  15. Those Dominion machine were not suppose to be connected to the internet but they were which gave China, Iran, Russia and more to modify the outcome and they did. There is proof of this go to and listen to it. We have to take back the House and Senate so we can impeach this Democratic party.

  16. Hey Democrat’s take your “disinformation” agenda and shove it!! IF you have NOTHING to hide then you wouldn’t be trying to stop people from talking. After all when anyone dared say Election Fraud they’re post was taken down.

  17. If you are if you are contesting the honest upfront recounting you are hiding something! Where it open and aboveboard there would be no question!!! I firmly believe that the Democrats repeatedly altered the V OTE!! Signed Florida boy

  18. This country is over the low life people that think the country is suppose to keep them up by the working people is getting bigger every day they vote for the party that gives the most free things to them, the Demolorats is that party. We have to work to pay the taxes so the polititans can keep their vote while the free loaders do every thing to keep them in office. Its never going to change because the free loaders are getting sorrier and sorrier an don’t plan to work when they can vote Democrat and get a free ride for all the things they want. We did it to our selves by trying to be good citizens and not expressing our anger for the way the polititans are treating us. We will get our rewards when GOD comes back for us and takes us home with him. tomorrow won’t be too soon.!!!!!

  19. Mr. Biden you are foolish not to let South Dakota have their fireworks on our Country ‘s Birthday…The Fourth of July.

    1. he had a speech today in Phila and they had to be noone there for there was no noise, clapping or anything else.. Probably just his tele board

  20. Biden administration allies are launching a “voting rights” initiative in partnership with President Joe Biden’s early initiative, Politico reported. That is no different than putting Criminals in Charge of the Prison’s! Or, being a Weasel and Owning the Hen House! What we need is simple sanity in how we conduct ourselves and a system that provides voter security that Guaranty’s only legally balloted votes count. That means only 1 vote per person, no dead people voting, no voter farming, Military votes counted and on time, no more than 100% of eligible votes count and an audit of every vote and discard all that fail to be valid. This is not a wish list. These are our legal rights that are being trampled on. God Bless all of those who love this country. God Damn those who live here, take advantage of our system and don’t love America.

  21. I’m afraid there are a lot of people involved in the voting problem that we don’t know about. Biden lied so much during the campaign to get specific states and populaultions to vote for him, then denied everything. He and his radical lefty congressmen lied so much about Trump to get people to turn against him. He’s made a lot of voters mad at him. Now, Bidens real plans are out in the open and voters are really angry. But, is anyone angry enough to do anything about it? Only a few state officials are standing up to him. He’s going after Kerry and others exposing them. Why weren’t their secrets made known before? I think there are more secrets and agendas hiding that we don’t know about.

    1. Everyone needs to be sure to talk or send emails to their State Senators. Demand that YOUR state do the same. Who knows how many Reps and Senators have also been cheated out of their seats?? I believe that happened here in Michigan. John James was winning and both he and the President, after midnight, were no longer winning by the large lead anymore. It happened all of a sudden…a line straight up!! Lindell’s presentation showed this…and experts said it is not possible to happen….and it IS one big red flag. None of our legislators seemed to feel there was a need to audit, though. I wonder how many were threatened or paid off??

  22. We have to stop this corrupt government from destroying our country. Please, Republicans, do something now! How can you sleep at night knowing what they are doing! Grow some and help us!

  23. wrote a real comment, but forgot I was on the CENSORED SITE. Stacy Abrams belongs in jail with Warnock for CHEATING IN THE 2020 ELECTION. HER SISTER IS A JUDGE THERE. SHE WILL NEVER SEE THE INSIDE OF A JAIL CELL, EVEN THOUGH SHE BREAKS LAWS WITH ABANDON. this site asks for your comments, unless your criticize their buddies. good luck, I will go to a site that allows THE TRUTH to be printed. you all stay here with this demon rat party site.

    1. If the proof is there than put her in jail for 10 years with no possiible probation and the ones that counted the ballots in the cell next to her.

    1. I agreed but it will never happen. Tha Democrats are crooks but with so many being in power for years they protect each other! Our County is in serious problems


    1. To All: Nothing needs to be changed with our voting laws and we all
      need to stand up and be counted. Speak out wherever you find an
      opportunity. Write letters to the editor. Contact congressmen and
      senators. In all things be polite. THE CONSTITUTION is at peril. It
      clearly spells out that the STATES handle their own elections. The
      FEDERAL GOVERNMENT was never meant to be involved and the
      document says so very clearly. State legislatures make the election
      laws for their states. And, “election officials” follow those laws and
      have no authority to change them on election night or any other time
      as we had happen in 2020. Stand strong. If we all stand together for
      the Constitution we will win. If we don’t, then welcome COMMUNISM.
      We CANNOT let the radical left mandate what our cognitively impaired
      President does. Before making his State of the Union message, the
      poor man couldn’t even find his mask that was laying on the podium
      We need to pray for him and not blame him. He is a victim of elder
      abuse. (mental and emotional) GO AFTER all of your congressmen
      and insist they do their jobs. Don’t forget to tell them that they took
      an oath to defend the Constitution and protect us from harm coming
      from foreign or DOMESTIC insurrection. WE MUST RISE UP AND

      1. They should find out who really won the election and if it was Trump which we all know it was they should drag Biden and Harris out of the White House and install Trump and his proper place

      2. I agree with Doris_Speaks

        We have had four years of hatred, lying, cheating, and stealing all because of the wrong person won the election!!! I can’t understand how or why the left could get away with all they did and are still doing to keep the people at odds with each other. We know that there was corruption with the voting in 2020. So many issues have been proven but nothing is ever done about it. I can’t fathom why any America would want to live under the Communist Regime. As for me I have enjoyed 81 years of my American born freedom. I have considered contacting one of my representatives but I just don’t know who I can trust which is sad. As for our elected President I’m familiar with him and it’s sad to see that he was used and abused to the core. I have always said that this is SENIOR ABUSE. We must continue with the recount votes that are taking place as we all know that there’s a whole lot of cheating that went on. SO IN THE END LETS RISE UP AND DEFEND OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FLAG. I don’t think there’s another one that can offer what we have had for so many years. Please think twice before you speak. Think first if what you are about to say will offend the person you are talking to. TRUST GOD, AND OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICA. I was so fortunate to grow up in New England as a young child. We took field trips to all of the important historical sites in Boston and surrounding areas.

      3. Your warning is a little to late. We just watched the constitutional rule of law being pushed aside last November. Our constitution hasn’t been in force for a few years now. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP! Our Supreme Court justices caved in to the Communist and a illegitimate president and vice president now sets in the white house. And most people are going along with these criminals.

  24. The democratic party is hell bent on keeping power and destroying this nation, but in the end they will pay for all the wrongs they have done

    1. And in the meantime this country suffers, it’s citizens suffer while the illegals are being enriched. Our sacred Constitution is being stripped and our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be picking up the pieces for decades.

    2. Yet all will eventually come to justice, but the good decent people of this country will pay with their lives while the darkness gets darker. Sad that people don’t know these things or are just blind!

  25. These morons are focused on STOPPING THE INVESTIGATION, RATHER THAN LETTING THE INVESTIGATION GO FORWARD IN A FAIR AND TRANSPARENT MANNER, and let the results speak for themselves. THAT will mostly end the questions about the election. IT IS FAIR TO ASK THESE QUESTIONS AS NEVER BEFORE IN OUR HISTORY HAS SUCH VOTING METHODS BEEN USED! We question the NEED TO USE MAIL-IN BALLOTS as NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD CHANGED THEIR VOTING METHODS BECAUSE OF THE VIRUS! Add to that election software that has the capability to flip votes, illegal presence of political party groups at the polls, the laws changed at the last minute in violation of the law, and often the methods NOT APPROVED BY THE LEGISLATURE as required by law! SO, LAWS WERE BROKEN, AND FOR THAT ALONE WE DESERVE FAIR AUDITS OF THE ELECTIONS IN ARIZONA, MICHIGAN, GEORGIA AND PENNSYLVANIA! IF THE DEMS DEMANDED IT, THEY WOULD GET IT, EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW IS OUR NATION’S CREED!

    1. I agree, if they dont have anything to hide then it shouldnt be a problem. This is simply another corrupt attempt to keep the people of this country from knowing the truth. If they step back and let the audits happen then they American people may have a little bit more respect for this past election. Right now the way the Democrats are acting it looks like theyve got something to hide. Hummmm makes me distrust them even more.

        1. Well that is the only way Dems know and they get away with it is what is so disgusting.

      1. The DEMORATS will do anything, to keep the truth from being known by the People.
        They love power and being a Dictator. They want to turn America into a Communist Country. This is so very terrifying. I Pray we can get these Deranged Idoit’s out before this become’s fact.

    2. It’s unbelievable that this is happening and laws are just ignored. Never in my lifetime have a seen such injustice. How Nancy keeps getting by without sanctions is insane. In Oklahoma we show our driver’s license and voter ID. How they can justify defunding the police is plainly ridiculous. When someone breaks in your home are you going to call a criminal?

    3. All this stuff comes out but nothing ever gets done, the crooks stay in office and we no longer have a country. The FBI is now a political organization we no longer have a justice department people who are against them are silenced even Twitter shuts them down, I want them all in jail but I am not holding my breath.

      1. I agree that the government should allow the investigation to move forward . I whole heartily think that the election was corrupt. If the Democrats have nothing to hide then they should not be afraid of anything.

      2. Yes, twitter shut me down and I don’t know why as all I did was post a pro Trump statement. Good grief ! I am 82 and get banned because I support Trump. What is this world coming to?

        1. America being ruined by Anti Americans. They have recruited well. The seem to know where to find all the low lifes. Laws written by criminals to protect criminals. And they’re getting away with it. Who ya gonna call, SCOTUS?

    4. bring on the pillow guy he has the fool proof evidence 81 million trump 66 million biden let the evidence show then start giving the boot

    5. Leave Florida alone. Our elections are fair. We had no problem. All the democrats want is to cheat so they can win.

      1. Communist always cheat. The will do anything to hold on to power, even killing people. We haven’t seen nothing yet. People are still trusting the ballot box and have forgotten what happened last November. Wake up people!

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