Biden agenda continues to suffer setbacks at US Supreme Court

In an recent op-ed penned for the Washington Times, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) explained the many ways in which the United States Supreme Court has taken steps to curtail what is the obvious propensity of President Joe Biden and his administration to flout the rule of law, a trend for which all Americans should be grateful.

The first instance of the high court working to rein in Biden’s authoritarian tendencies, according to Marshall, was its decision to order the current administration to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s highly effective “Remain in Mexico” policy.

That initiative required asylum seekers arriving at the border to stay in Mexico as their claims are adjudicated, and though Biden nixed the program as soon as he was able upon taking office, the justices found that he almost certainly committed a violation of federal law in doing so.

Taking further aim at the Biden administration’s heavy-handed attempts to undo successful Trump-era immigration policy, the high court thwarted an attempt to significantly handcuff border officials’ ability to apprehend illegal immigrants, let alone actually detain them, as Marshall noted.

It is not just the U.S. Supreme Court that has had enough of Biden’s unlawful attempts to usurp Congress and impose his own immigration rules, as a federal judge earlier this year put a stop to the president’s executive order placing a moratorium on deportations – something that was a campaign promise designed to appease the radical base of his party.

This summer, a federal judge in Texas dealt Biden’s immigration agenda yet another blow by declaring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) unlawful, leaving the fate of it and those who benefited from it, to congressional lawmakers.

As Marshall notes, the fact that the federal courts have had to step in and check Biden so many times in just the first eight months of his presidency is a clear indication of the president’s troubling willingness to ignore the constitutional order and do largely whatever he wishes.

The senator from Kansas further asserts that Biden “is not just violating his oath of office to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States, but deliberately seeking to break them.”

Fortunately, according to Marshall, and thanks to the many jurists placed on the federal bench during the Trump administration, the dictatorial tendencies exhibited by Biden are failing to withstand constitutional muster, and as long as the judiciary holds the line against these ongoing encroachments on our system of government, there may yet be hope for the survival of the republic.