Biden again leaves a White House event without his mask

President Joe Biden is being castigated for leaving a speaking engagement on Wednesday without wearing his mask, according to Breitbart News

According to the news outlet, Biden was seen going to the podium with a mask on, but took it off to speak about his $2.5 trillion spending proposal.

The trouble came about when, despite his own executive order that orders masks must be worn on federal property, he left the even without his mask on. 

Biden’s gaffe was the most recent in what is being called “continuing his inconsistent behavior on mask-wearing during the coronavirus pandemic” despite his own insistence that masks are needful. 

Breitbart reported that this is Biden’s sixth time to depart a White House event without his mask since signing the federal mask mandate. 

Tuesday’s infraction saw Biden leave the podium without a mask immediately after asking Americans to keep wearing their own masks while the coronavirus pandemic is still considered prevalent. 

In March the president caused laughter when he had to return to retrieve his mask after leaving an event about equal pay. Ironically, he also forgot to put on his mask after signing the massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending bill.

While it seems likely that the aging president is just forgetting the mask, in the vein of teaching an old dog new tricks. 

However, questions have arisen as to whether he truly considers the COVID-19 pandemic to be as serious as his administration indicates, or if there could be some exploitation of newly found government control