Biden admin’s disastrous China policy pushing US closer to brink of war

President Joe Biden and his administration have made a shockingly long list of embarrassing and wrong decisions, regarding both domestic and foreign policy.

But defense experts, such as former Defense Department official Elbridge Colby, are sounding the alarm on how the Biden administration is grossly mishandling policy decisions with China to such a degree that Colby, and others, believe that war with the communist nation is unnecessarily closer than it should be, Fox News reports.

Colby said during a recent Fox News interview that the Biden administration is essentially “doing the opposite” of what it should be doing to avoid war with China.

I warned in a Wall Street Journal piece back in February that there was a real risk that Ukraine would be a distraction from China and Taiwan. And frankly, here we are. And the administration says they can walk and chew gum at the same time. I’m sorry, is dealing with the biggest, first true pure superpower in our history — is that walking or is that chewing gum?” Colby said during Friday’s The Ingraham Angle.

He added: “How about wrestling a dragon, as you put it? That would at least convey the level of seriousness of what we’re dealing with. And that’s not what we’re seeing… We really have no time.”

“We need leadership that will address this forthrightly and seriously, precisely to avoid the war… But the way you avoid the war, as you said — President Reagan’s wisdom on that — was to be strong and clear and project that strength, and we’re basically doing the opposite right now,” Colby concluded.

The criticism comes as news broke earlier this month of possible discussions concerning reducing US-China tariffs, as Bloomberg reported.

The outlet noted:

Biden has been weighing whether to remove some of the tariffs on more than $300 billion in Chinese imports imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, according to people familiar with the deliberations, as his administration desperately tries to curb fast-rising US inflation.