Biden administration sued over rule mandating male access to women’s facilities

Since taking office in January, President Joe Biden has taken a series of steps to further blur the line between male and female and afford greater protections to those who identify as transgender, but one institution of higher learning is now pushing back.

As The Federalist reports, the Biden administration is facing a lawsuit from Hollister, Missouri-based College of the Ozarks over a Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) mandate requiring it and other recipients of federal funding to allow students of opposite genders to use the same dorm buildings, dorm rooms, and restroom facilities.

Back in February, the administration announced that it would “administer and enforce the Fair Housing Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity,” a move that the group filing suit on behalf of the school – Alliance Defending Freedom – argues “requires private religious colleges to place biological males into female dormitories and assign them as females’ roomates,” as The Federalist further noted.

Ryan Bangert, an attorney with the advocacy group, decried the rule in an interview with Fox News’ Shannon Bream, stating that biological women potentially impacted by the new requirements are likely to have their rights violated, stating, “We brought this lawsuit because the federal government shouldn’t be able to force young women to share their dorm rooms with males. It’s just that simple,” as BizPacReview reported.

Though the College of the Ozarks is a small, Christian school, Bangert pointed out that it still receives federal money by way of grants, student loan proceeds, and contracts, and is therefore subject to federal fair housing regulations. He further asserted that “even if the College of the Ozarks gave up every last penny of federal money that it receives, it would still be subject to this Fair Housing Act requirement that was imposed really in the dead of night by an administrative agency without any notice or comment to the public.”

During their discussion, Bream asked Bangert whether he really anticipates that the Biden administration will attempt enforcement action with regard to this rule, or if the college was simply using the lawsuit to make a broader political point. Bangert responded that “the letter that was issued by [HUD]…said specifically that enforcement actions could be taken based on complaints filed,” and that he is of the belief that violations would indeed result in sanctions.

Fellow Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Marie Blake joined Bangert in slamming the Biden administration rule, stating, “The government cannot and should not force schools to open girls’ dorms to males based on its politically motivated and inappropriate redefinition of ‘sex,’” as The Federalist noted.

College of the Ozarks president Dr. Jerry Davis placed the lawsuit in a broader political context, saying, “Religious freedom is under attack in America, and we won’t stand on the sidelines and watch. To threaten religious freedom is to threaten America itself.”

From his executive order facilitating required inclusion of biological males on women’s sports teams to the issuance of this rule prohibiting their exclusion from dwellings and restrooms designated for females, Biden has made it clear that his priority lies with appeasing the far-left fringe rather than safeguarding the rights and fair treatment for which women have spent decades fighting.

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  1. For someone who is suppose to be religious he sure doesn’t show it, guess he has never read the Bible hope he looses this case

      1. If he was religious, he would have stopped talking about abortion, instead he should be protecting the unborn children? I guess when he gets called out in front of the world maybe he will try to understand how he made a big mistake. Women have been fighting for their rights for a long long time and he has helped the men instead of all the women.

    1. I hope so also. I have granddaughters, niece’s, girlfriends, and I don’t want them to experience having to share a locker room or bathroom with a transgender man

        1. If I go into a restroom as a woman, true, and see a man, dressed as a woman, I would leave. Enough of this crap making laws for those who are Normal.

    2. BIDEN IS A HERETIC! HE LIES ABOUT BEING A CATHOLIC ! HE IS FOR ABORTION OF THE WORST KIND… He has been condemned BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and the church has said that he should refrain from receiving the Holy Eucharist since he is living in SIN everyday.

    3. What can be expected from this President. He shows a very low level of intelligence. The devil loves somebody this stupid to accomplish his evil.

      1. Yes on this site you can say what you feel, but with Biden and the rest of them, their time will come. You reap what you sow!

    1. he wants his son and himself to be able to sleep in any bed they want.may be polosi and shumer will jion them making a foursome.

      1. Its defiantly a bill to keep Joe out of court if he can not remember what restroom to go in . He’s tired of being called a pervert over some bad choices already .

    2. Seems like they all are, is it legal for Obama to run a third term, seems to me it was done in secret, planned from the start. They knew he could not do this before he ran, his dementia didn’t just start, he has had it for a while. They all decided to do this before he ran, seems to me the Dems. are doing several illegal things, why are they not facing impeachment. Hell they want to impeach the dogs Biden brought, we need some answers. Guess we need to start calling some representative, ask some tough questions seems the Dems are out of control.

      1. Vote them out of office and talk to the Hispanics in the area and let them know what is going on in the free country? That would be the best way to help get them out of the control.

    1. this mornic idiot not only needs to go but sel himself to the coyotes.he needs to bed in the non exitence cages on the ground.
      I would bet that his bones would brake. they are just as brittle as his memory.

    2. William, totally agree. Biden is a disgusting excuse for a man. All those years he did nothing, now he seems to think he knows how to do everything. So sad, when you consider he had not accomplished anything in his life, but lie to the public.

      1. You hit the nail on the head, Biden has been a loser his entire public life. The lies he has told to bolster his accomplishments are well documented yet he has remained in office. Now that he is President the lets work together Joe has revealed his true colors hidden from the public for 50 years. He is “SICK”, no other word can explain his actions except may “PERVERT”. He has filled his administration with like individuals, all SICK and PERVETED to the point they can’t see past their own egos.
        I find it hard to believe that the entire Democratic Party and Independent Voters supports his ideology, can there be that many Americans “SICK” enough to go along with his administration. Those that believed they were electing a President who cared about the people were sold a “LIE”, his agenda supports a far left radical group of individuals determined to destroy America and it’s liberties. The Main Street Media along with Big Business Donors, and HIGH Level Government Officials hid from the American People the truth about Joe Biden, all the while doing everything they could to destroy the sitting President Donald Trump.
        All Americans Republicans, Democrats and Independents need to make their voices heard, we can’t sit by and let a small group of Power Hungry Politicians with a Far Left Agenda destroy our Country. President Biden has selected radicals to lead the various offices in our Government who will follow his “WARPED” mentality. We are under attack by an administration and media determined to destroy our Country.

        1. Wrong is wrong ,just like right IS right! Keep the boys n girls separated. That’s not too difficult to understand!!!

      2. He is a big mouth bully just like most democrats——I am 76 years old and I have seen the unions act the same way——-

  2. It is no wonder why our country is being overrun by sick, sad stories of how people are being molested, and it does not have to be in a “less than SAFE” place. The Biden warped mind that has shown this pres with many “hands-on” violations of young girls and ladies being “Man-handled” by this warped individual, and have watched as adults scurried their women, young girls, and anyone else that was about to be a target for “OLD SLO JOE” to embrace or “CUDDLE”, and watched as they felt so relieved to be away from this pervert! BE PROUD, DUMBOCRAPS of your HEAD MULE!!!

  3. Biden gets nothing Right!!!!!!!
    Step aside and give the country who knows what to do……YOU DONT;……..but the real President Trump does

    If you love this Country do the right thing step aside, and give to the true winner.

    You r in way over your head and we all suffering because of YOU!!!!

    Step Aside and take your family with You

  4. Every day that goes by we are learning more and more that a true idiot, without a brain or a care for American values, has been elected and his cabinet is a mirror of his total perversion.

    Remember, he is the one who was kissing the necks of women, carrying on in public like he wasn’t married. And he was elected with 80MM votes that no one can find. Yea, he and his party, the crooked left wing of the Democrat party stole the election from the true President. That would be Donald Trump. The thief is Biden. And the left wing loons of the liberal Democrats.

  5. But the left is all about protecting women, never mind that they’ve denied millions of women the most basic, primary right, the right to life.
    I wonder how long this will last before the Dems find yet another victim group they think will get them a few more ‘woke’ votes, and throw the trans group under the bus with the girls?

  6. Quoting the headlines, “Biden hit with Devastating legal newss. It’s bad.”

  7. It is truely ashame that we have a president that clames to be a Christian, and can still do this, and also be for
    abortion, and allowing our schools teach our children raceism and putting down the white race, as well as all that he has allow to happen at our boards. This is all a shame. He along with the others are slowly destroying our country. Time to stand up for what is right, and save our country before it is to to late.

  8. JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET RESIDENT The ONLY reason he is where he is ,VOTER FRAUD Period DONALD JOHN TRUMP is our REAL Legitimate PRESIDENT. What ever they said JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT won with 80 million votes, they were all ILLEGAL immigrants and DEAD PEOPLE HOW These EFIN CRIMALS NON US Citizens do not have the Right to vote in our country.

  9. biden is ruining us with leaving the border open we pay for all those illegals pay for all their babies being born and there’s millions being born yearly,he I the worst president ever,I really believe he’s doing all this cause we voted Trump in and he didn’t take a pay check so biden is going to get his pay and a whole lot more at our expense

  10. I’m not sure biden is the worst president. He is certainly the most obedient. He claims to bring back Obama’s policies. We should all know nothing he did worked. He spoke to americans like we should be dazzled by his crap. He was the worst president until biden came along.

  11. If they want to treat Transgenders fairly, have them build restrooms and dorms just for them. Have Biden print out another Trillion Dollars to keep women safe.

  12. I agree with Ann Coulter’s book, “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans”. Voting for a man with middle stage Dementia to be President shows no common sense. Sandra


  14. It has been reported that Biden himself likes touching little girls ,so I would expect him to,sanction such a stupid law. Our freedoms are under attack like we have never before seen in these United States. We must stand up for ourselves because those we voted into office aren’t doing their jobs.MAGAZINE.

  15. What can a young woman do if there is transgender in a bed besides her masturbating himself or herself? There are always people who are perverts. Privacy is a right that must be respected. Biden has no moral at all.

  16. Good reason to make sure you teach your kids proper gun safety and use. This is the endorsement of mental illness from a mentally ill usurper.

  17. We are at the end of the road GOD is going to step in very shortely and send all the sicko’s to their just rewards. I can’t belive how this Great Country has let these sick Polititans talk them in to voting for them to destroy this GOD given country. AT my age I will be leaving this world in a short time and it scares me to death that my children and grand children will have to deal with before GOD returns and takes his servants to Heaven for eternety. What a great day that will be. AMEN.!!!

  18. China Joe could care less as long as he can continue to feel the goods. Do fingerprints wear away with all the touchy feely activity?

  19. It IS an ugly, hateful fact they’re pushing this crap but why does anyone think anything will come of it? They control the courts.

  20. Joe is a pervert and now I don’t think he’s aware of much with his cognitive decline. But seems like he claims to be Catholic which is CINO (Catholic In Name Only). Apparently Joe chooses off the À la cart menu with his long history with Democrat love of abortion. Seems like he picks and chooses what he likes with no boundaries for his so-called Catholic religion.

    1. I agree, I think he would have been ‘excommunicated’ from the religion if he didn’t donate millions to their collection baskets. One Bishop in, I believe South Carolina, made that suggestion he be removed from the Church.

  21. How did we get in this bad situation with these degenerate people ? Why have they not been placed in jail, or maybe ‘deported’. These are very mentally challanged people.

    1. Only if you believe the Vote tally. I still believe China paid for his election. This country is not safe from foreign powers any more because of these ‘weak, hide behind the school house’ politicians. Joe is an expert on ‘hiding behind some thing. Plus Obama is the one calling the shots again, behind Demented Joe’s office.
      Obama should have been found guilty of treason and deported back to Kenya.

  22. the dems prove their hate for Christians by making everything the bible calls a sin legal. the BLM (Marxist) and Antifa were burning bibles. both groups loved by the democrats. where possible the left-controlled states closed churches and house meetings. why all this hate for Christians? because they helped Trump get elected.

  23. I don’t hesitate to send a “NASTY GRAM” to the Whitehouse. We all leave comments on Main Street Gazette which almost never get to where the comments are directed.

    I simply use ….. email the Whitehouse , or, email the President. I always get a boilerplate response thanking me for contacting the Whitehouse.

  24. Biden needs to be impeached. He is ruining American and see all of the bad things he has done in a very short period of time. He needs to go NOW!

  25. Why is this even addressed by the govt. Some things don’t need any help from govt. Stay out of personal lives. If you are a man and you want to pretend to be a women that is your problem not the worlds.

  26. Vote them out of office and talk to the Hispanics in the area and let them know what is going on in the free country? That would be the best way to help get them out of the control.

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