Biden administration ends ‘failure-to-depart’ fines for illegal aliens

Critics of the Biden administration’s handling of the migrant crisis at the southern border have argued that the president’s determination to reverse Trump-era policy has produced an environment in which illegal immigration is not only tolerated, but welcomed, and an alarming decision announced on Friday does little to alter that perception.

As Fox News reports, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Friday that it is ending the practice of assessing fines against illegal immigrants who do not depart the country when ordered and collaborating with the Treasury Department to void outstanding debts already assessed.

In explaining the decision, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated, “There is no indication that these penalties promoted compliance with noncitizens’ departure obligations. We can enforce our immigration laws without resorting to ineffective and unnecessary punitive measures.” The statement issued by the secretary also expressed his belief that the financial penalties “run counter to the agency’s best interest” and “had not meaningfully advanced the interests of the agency.”

Though Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has had the authority to impose these fines for more than two decades, enforcement of the rule did not begin until 2018, pursuant to priorities declared by then-President Donald Trump. According to Fox News, that is when significant fines – often coming to hundreds of dollars per day – were assessed against those who did not leave the country as required.

Not surprisingly, Mayorkas’ announcement was met with harsh criticism from former Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf who took to Twitter and said, “Just when you think the Biden administration’s immigration policies and agenda can’t get worse…it does.”

Certainly giving voice the concerns of millions of Americans, Wolf then asked, “How does withdrawing a consequence (i.e. fine) and holding individuals accountable when they overstay their visa and fail to depart in the best interest of DHS?”

The abandonment of key tools in thwarting the current onslaught of migrants seeking entry to the United States has also drawn the ire of Republicans such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who argued last month that the situation “will keep getting worse as long as this administration refuses to enforce the law.”

That assessment even found support from a somewhat surprising source, with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador suggesting that the Biden administration’s high-profile reversals of tough Trump-era immigration policies have created “expectations” among migrants that they will find a warm welcome upon their arrival at the U.S. border, according to the New York Post.

Between the current administration’s restoration of the controversial catch-and-release policy at the border and this decision to end fines for illegal immigrants who do not leave the country when ordered, it is not surprising that more and more Americans are concluding the crushing migrant surge of recent months is not some unforeseen challenge, but rather part of a deliberate strategy to change the makeup of the country.

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  1. If this country dosen’t go back to God its all over, anyone with half a Brain can see that the country is lost with out the Christitans praying to GOD to take it back to save us from the Devels we have in the government. With out prayer and truley trusting the LORD we are never going to get this country back to a great GOD blessed nation. Its a sad day that ONLY GOD can save us from.

  2. I recently saw a video on the City of Phoenix on how the vets/homeless in that city are treated versus how the ILLEGALS are given a place to live/sleep/eat/etc. that everyone should be seeing. I don’t know exactly where on the Internet this video is located since someone sent it to me, but if you can find it will really raise you level of aggrevation with our present administration. I understand that the homeless situation cannot be solved overnight, but it shows how our A–H— government does NOT care about Americans and will do anything for the ILLEGALS. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO GET RID OF THESE IDIOTS IN OFFICE ASAP!!!!

  3. The stress level for everyone in this country has doubled since Trump left. Now we will watch capital race theory which dictates excellence over diversity.

  4. I’m not sure who’s worse Biden or Harris
    I think the demon rats have engineered this crap to put Harris in charge (God Forbid)
    Not sure who’d do more damage
    Both are traitors and communist so take your pick
    Makes me want to vomit

  5. Well no surprise fro the WhiteHouse Biden is determined to make this nation into a 3rd rate country and as long as the democrats control both the house and senate there is not much that can be done, our last hope is if Jesus comes back to rule as King

  6. GOD is the only one that can fix this mess that the Demolocraps are puting us into, because the dumb people vote for the idiot Democraps and the elections are stolen. We don’t have any law enforcement in the entire justice system in this country any more. The so called justice system in this country is as crocked or bigger crocks as the rotten Polititans. It is called letting the Fox guard the chicken house, There will be justice when GOD comes back.
    and that won’t to soon, now would be a very good time.

  7. Is Biden just allowed to do any damned thing he wants, right or wrong, or dangerous, or aiding and abetting these migrants by treating them like royalty, regardless of what U. S. citizens want??? I thought he was representing these United States the same as our congressmen/women! He clearly could care less for Americans. We get that! But we are still paying his salary and deserve some explanations!!! Enough is enough already, and we have had MORE than enough!!!

  8. In my opion bidon is a traitor and should not be in control of a out house. He is a lier, a crook, and a anti american.

  9. This is like 1st grade math. Its learning 2+2=4. But the office of the President is a very highest level and demands the very highest level of ruling a country, the USA. I am sorry to say that is not the case with President Biden. He has not put America 🇺🇸 first. I am retired and living on pay once a month. Unable to find a job or to pay my bills. This virus and thousand of people coming into this country is a mess.

    1. Yes, pray as thought your life depends on it because it really does. The damage these two can do in 4 years will be extremely difficult to undo in the future unless we get a Republican (conservatives) in with a large majority and that will be difficult. I will never vote for anything Dems put forth ever as I have seen too much the damage they do to our country.

      1. I’m surprised they haven’t packed the American people up and shipped us out. They seem to want new people, we don’t matter anymore, just the migrants. They will not have to do what we do, they are special.

      2. Yes, if we impeach Biden we get Kamala and if we impeach Kamala we get Piglosy so there is no win available here.

        1. They all need to go to jail for sedition, undermining our Constitution, and engineering a fraudulent election!!

        1. They need to start sending some families to Washington DC, and to Delaware, they deserve to get to know some of them. Are they families or just children, or they going to be united with their families, no one has mentioned anything.

    1. He has only been there 4 moths and I think he has set a record on how much damage he accomplished already. I don’t want to imagine how much more he can do with 4 long years.

    2. ALl citizens should start tonight braking the law every chance they get. Until they hold the illegal accountable then we should not either. Or if I see them breaking the law I will break them. Then I will becoming for who is responsible for letting it happen . And by that I mean if the shoe fits wear it if not stay the hell out of my why. We will get the job done.

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