Biden administration caves on border wall due to migrant crisis

The United States Department of Homeland Security could soon continue construction on the border wall, according to Breitbart News.

Building for the wall, which was a pet project of former President Donald Trump, was halted in late January of this year, not coincidentally around the same time President Joe Biden was installed in the White House.

Washington Times reporter Stephen Dinan reportedly brought the project back into the public’s eyeline after the reporter suggested that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is weighing the potential of new construction to fill “gaps” in the existing wall.

The “gaps” that Mayorkas refrenced are part of the 450 miles of wall that the Trump administration pioneered between 2017 and 2020 while the former administration worked to secure the southern border.

“In a conversation with ICE employees last week Mr. Mayorkas was asked about his plans for the wall and he said that while Mr. Biden has canceled the border emergency and halted Pentagon money flowing to the wall, ‘that leaves room to make decisions’ on finishing some ‘gaps in the wall,’” Dinan reported.

The Times report also went on to say that DHS has become aware of notes from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement as well as Customs and Border Protection, which oversee the wall, asking for changes to the border.

“The president has communicated quite clearly his decision that the emergency that triggered the devotion of DOD funds to the construction of the border wall is ended,” Mayorkas said.

“But that leaves room to make decisions as the administration, as part of the administration, in particular areas of the wall that need renovation, particular projects that need to be finished,” he went on.

Essentially it appears that with mud on their face, in a real-world situation with immediate results, even the progressive Biden administration has concluded that what conservatives asked for is the only reasonable solution to the problem.


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  1. Hopefully this is the beginnings of a little sanity in this country. What a mess in only three months. God help America.

    1. Now I bet Biden will claim credit for the wall! Typical democrab publicity stunt, I think. Wonder who thinks up all this stuff for Dementia Joe Biden?


        1. Heard the real number of l L L E G @ L S currently l N the U S is abt 22 mil. & the J 0 – H 0 @ D M l N is 0pting for @mnesty for them aII. The dim-o-hips wiII [email protected] enough w/ 22 mil new V 0 T E R S to keep them in p0wer 4-ever. With @mnesty, the ill-eagles don’t have to go thru learning [email protected] on U S history/govt. That was the point, e-nuff un-ed-u-ca-ted v0ters, so now c0mpIeting the [email protected] is no big deal.

      2. Joe Biden does not have the mental clarity to take credit for the wall. Sadly he will be told to take Credit and like the puppet he is, he will do so. I may not support his platform he is an ill man that clearly needs attentions.. I would think his wife and family what make sure of that. I believe this is elder abuse.

        1. She’s too busy basking in the glory of being First Lady, and being addressed as “Dr. Jill”.

      3. Biden can claim whatever he wants but we all know the truth. I am glad he finally woke up enough to finish the wall. Anyone knows that walls do a much better job of controlling the illegal crossing. Wow! Biden had a moment of clarity. First on so far. LOL

      1. That’s exactly why he’s doing it. In fact, wasn’t he being sued about this? Thought I heard or read that somewhere as he didn’t have the authority to stop the building because the money had already been appropriated by Congress.

    2. Put Obama’s Clinton’s Biden’s Harris and Polosi including Pence on the other side of the wall .
      Then justice will have prevailed.

    1. he sure is a fool, DAH, DAH, dumb and dumber running our country, with the commies in his administration

  2. The wall needs to be completed, and each illegal alien needs to have a background check to make sure they are no planning to do harm to U.S. citizens and to U.S. property once on U.S. soil.

  3. The wall needs completed, how do you stop the speed of the Corvus 19 when you let sick people in and move them around the country??? We have sick democratic leaders!!!

  4. Him and his party are going to destroy this country they are all communist and thats what they are trying to do.

  5. Everyone that wants to become citizens of the USA should be required to speak English in public 100% of the time and be able to read English or be deported. We need to change immigration laws that if we do not need your skill set then do not come here just like Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. We then also need to penalize any employer that hires illegals with a fine of $100,000 per person for each time. If we enforce the current laws and put these into affect, post our military along the boarder instead of protecting every other country and Corp that exports jobs to other country’s we WOULD NOT NEED TO CONSTRUCT A WALL AT ALL. Shoot on site orders with rubber or plastic bullets would also help.

  6. We have been living a nightmare since the early morning hours of November 4th, 2020. A landslide majority of Americans are praying this nightmare ends soon!

  7. I agree vigorously with all of the above comments and the sooner the better! And Sue I so definitely AGREE 100% WITH YOU!

  8. While I have not always agreed with the way Donald Trump words his messages, I respect his integrity, straightforward and honest intent. His policy decisions are exactly what America needs. He is a staunch supporter of our constitution and I respect and support him for that. It is a crime that the Democratic party and Media have lied and published biased opinions without any remorse.

    1. IT’S a shame that half of AMERICAN’S believed the MSM!!! Without doing any research. Biden may talk smoothly but he speaks with a forked tongue.

      1. Smoothly??? Are you kidding? He slurs his words, stumbles over words, forgets what he wanted to say half way though his thought, and can not complete his thought and just stops talking. He acts like he is 100 years old! There is nothing smooth about him! And the worst part is he just lies about everything.

  9. Believe it after you see the wall sections in place matching the adjacent sections! Until then it is more hollow Biden promises.

  10. It’s time we stand up to this shadow government. I thought we the people contributed to the construction of the wall. Do they think that we forgotten that. Finish the wall and load the illegals into buses and take them back across the border, cheaper to do that then to feed them, house them, provide medical care, teach them English, provide welfare to them. r American citizens should come first. We have homeless people living on the streets that need help. what the hell is wrong with America, with our government.

  11. King biden still lost as hail… he doesn’t even know where the border is. Can not have biden get to far; his handlers can only cover so much of his stupidity… maybe next time he will fall on his face…. that would be a site for the world to see…. not like other leaders don’t already know the drill on him.

  12. the chinese are pulling bydens strings and the soros group are pulling harris’s.. THE VOTING TAXPAYER NO LONGER COUNTS…

  13. DEMENTIA BIDEN is just looking for an atta boy The wall construction should have never been halted and DEMENTIA JOE KNOWS IT !

  14. AND just now stupid do the Democrat’s think most Americans are??? Republicans not buying your lame excuse for incompetent governing.

  15. Good it is past time to complete the wall and enforce the law on immigration into this country

  16. Well this shadow government is finding that President Trumps border policies worked. And what Joe Obiden has undone doesn’t work! Joe is up to
    his same old program of just being someone else’s puppet. History repeats “47 years and still can’t get things right!!

  17. So now its a crisis? Stop signing everything they put in front of you Biden. Use your own brain for a while, stop moaning about Trump and doYOUR JOB!

  18. let it be known the democrats hated Trump because they were afraid of him finding all the illegal doings the party has been up to the last 12 years and longer. Trump ran this country like a business, if it didn’t help this country, he wasn’t for it…. period, he didn’t care who it pissed off cause he was here to do a job and by God that’s what he was doing. the poor little snowflakes that make up the democratic party couldn’t handle his success and did whatever means they could to stop him, fact check that one… then you have all the you g voters out there this time who are nothing but a bunch of soft people with no backbone and knowledge of how the government works, didn’t like Trump being firm and to the point, they wanted everything with two lumps of sugar on it, doesn’t work that way snowflakes, Wake up, this is our country that you’ve totally turned your back on thinking joe Biden and hoe harris were going to do 1 damn good thing for this country, neither ones been to border to see how bad they have let it get, laid off hundred of thousands of jobs, relying on foreign oil when we have enough for this whole world to supply with, they want to do away with our rights of free speech( hell any speech at all ) raise taxes so Pelosi can have her own private subway in california, she’s afraid someone might knock some sense into her stupid head, I mean come on people, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF THIS WORTHLESS ADMINISTRATION YET??? YOU SOON WILL, THEN YOU’LL BE WALKING WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS

  19. Just pray on people GOD is near and the Demorats will pay the price for the things they are doing to this Great Country and to all the poor spanish kids that they are puting thru Hell in camps in Texas and at the border. GOD will give them their just punishment that the deserve.

  20. Biden AND Harris are CONTROLLED totally by Obama!! Obama isn’t able to get a third term except by fraud, cheating but the Kenyan Prince isn’t gonna let a little thing like that stop him from continuing to destroy the US!

  21. Thank God President Trump got that wall almost complete before dumb Biden and dumber Harris tried to shut down the construction.Sooner or later the wall will be complete, and someday they will think President Trump for all the hard work and great accomplishments he made to making America great again.


  23. Brain dead Biden gets the blame but it is his group of fools, aids, staff, advisors, leftovers from the Obama Admin who typically never thought anything through to completion, i.e. Obamacare. Who came into the White House intent on making change for the sake of change, and despite Trump, who have overstepped instead of easing into the changes pragmatically allowing themselves wiggle-room to adjust to complications.
    White House or House of Fools?

  24. Lets send them to Delaware so Biden can get a closer look om what is happening. Pelosi is another lost person. She has not been down to the boarder but makes comments how every thing is going well. Where do we get these people. Five year old children make more sense then these people. The poor children are housed in despicable conditions while politicians lie about what is going on. When you are in a rush to reverse what the previous president implemented, you get caught in a disaster. Joe needs to spend more time helping the American people and stop thinking how to get more votes.


  26. All the sickness, failures and lying by the democrats is the worst we have ever seen in our 78 years on this planet…..somebody PLEASE do something…All we can do is send more money direct to Donald Trump(who we trust)……Mitch and Mitt are traitors to our conservative values.

  27. Over the past 18 years, this country has spent something in excess of $10,000,000,000,000 dollars to invade and overthrow Afghanistan and Iraq, plus caused the death and injury of thousands of our military.
    To date, this Nation has received no viable benefit for spending those trillions of dollars.
    Imagine, just for a moment, if instead, we had spent that money invading and overthrowing Mexico, cleaning up the government and educating the Mexican people, to make Mexico a country it’s Citizens didn’t want to leave.
    Imagine, just for a moment, if that money spent would have given benefit to the USA, or not?

    You decide, the invasion of illegals through the Southern border has filled our jails with violent criminals [who don’t speak English] and cost Billions of dollars.. The Canadians, to our North, have, mostly not been a problem.. on the other hand.

  28. Biden should have plenty of money in his $2T infrastructure bill to finish this wall without any problem. But that would make too much sense so you can bet that will never happen. The Dems would rather spend it on their pork projects and give it away to all the illegal immigrants that are swarming into our country. God has yet to give a Democrat a brain.

  29. Putting Biden’s (All of them), Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. on the other side of the wall and locking the gate will not work.
    The Mexicans are too smart to keep them.

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