Biden Administration border policies cause increase in migrant deaths

Sheriff’s deputies along the United States’ southern border have become frustrated as they’re asked to recover more bodies out of the Rio Grande River due to increasing border crossing attempts, according to The Washington Times.

Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez of Val Verde County Texas, which sits along the Rio Grande east of Big Bend, has already had to cope with six migrant drownings in 2021 and he believes the problem is only getting worse.

For Martinez, the reason more migrants are risking their lives to cross the border is clear: “There is no consequence,” the sheriff told The Washington Times Monday.

According to a report from The Houston Chronicle earlier in the month, the sheriffs’ offices aren’t the only ones inundated with illegal crossings. The Laredo Sector Border Patrol Marine Unit along with other border agents have prevented “multiple people from swimming across the border illegally.”

The increase in instances of reckless border crossings raises a few questions, not the least of which is why border issues aren’t more widely reported or treated with the same severity as they were under the Trump administration.

The White House has officially denied that they are keeping “kids in cages” the way the Trump administration was accused of doing, despite the expansion of detention centers for minors being expanded.

The Biden administration has indicated that they plan to be more lenient and reinstate their “catch and release” policy, despite locking down United States citizens, due to COVID-19 infection risks.

It seems undeniable that the media’s coverage of how Biden is dealing with the southern border is skewed in favor of the current administration. The question left to conservatives is how these decisions will affect their lives.

The increase in government subsidies, more lenient repercussions for illegal immigrants and decreased law enforcement support looks as if it could be a recipe for disaster, but it may well be another four years before Americans are offered any relief.