Biden admin takes string of humiliating losses at the hands of SCOTUS

Most recently, President Joe Biden was handed a shocking defeat by the U.S. Supreme Court with regard to his COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses that employ over 100 workers.

But as Fox News noted, his record of failure with the high court, in his first year in office, is notable, as SCOTUS has been responsible for a number of high-profile decisions that did not go the way the Biden administration, or its army of lawyers, had presumably hoped. 

It was on Thursday that the high court blocked his vaccine mandate for businesses, which would have been enforced through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Both Biden and his top surrogates, including Vice President Kamala Harris, had promoted the mandate for months, only to be absolutely squashed by six conservative justices.

The Biden admin also almost lost the second case concerning a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers employed by facilities that accept government funding. It was only due to Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the liberals on the bench that saved that one, though it was a much lower-impact decision.

Taking a trip back to August of 2021, Biden was also defeated in the high court over his desire to extend an eviction moratorium that had already essentially bankrupted millions of landlords across the country. There, again, he had the support of the three liberal justices, but the conservative majority shot it down hard.

Notably, again in August 2021, SCOTUS ruled that Biden’s efforts to scrap former President Donald Trump’s highly effective “Remain in Mexico” policy had violated federal law, and ordered the policy to be put back in place, though the administration has mostly dragged its feet on the issue.

Several Republican-led states, including Texas and Missouri, led the charge — in the form of litigation — to make sure the former president’s policy would be back in place at the order of the high court.

Aside from the multiple failures thanks to the Supreme Court, Biden has also lost control of the inflation crisis, the supply-chain crisis, the illegal migration crisis, the skyrocketing crime rate crisis, and many more impactful issues that will likely make it even easier for Republicans to win in the 2022 midterms, and likely the 2024 presidential election.

As a fitting reward for his inability to notch even a single win for his party, or for America, Biden hit a new low last week after it was reported that his approval rating now stands at a humiliating 33%, as USA Today noted.