Biden admin suffers series of judicial setbacks as media indifference persists

Despite mainstream media efforts to prop up President Joe Biden and paint his administration as one that continues to go from strength to strength, it is getting more difficult to ignore the fact that one federal court after another has dealt significant blows to the liberal White House agenda in recent days.

Major policy setbacks – often rendered at the hands of highly partisan federal judges – seemed to be par for the course during the administration of former President Donald Trump, and each time they happened, journalists invariably claimed that such rulings were evidence of Trump’s shameful disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law, as PJ Media’s Matt Margolis argues.

Curiously, the recent losses the Biden administration has suffered in federal district courts as well as the United States Supreme Court have not been subject to a similar characterization, with mainstream media outlets either downplaying or outright ignoring the judicial rebukes.

For instance, in a decision that did not get lot of attention in the media, the Supreme Court this month unanimously slapped down the Biden Justice Department’s attempt to flout the law by attempting to abdicate its responsibility to defend a key provision of the First Step Act criminal justice reform measure passed by Congress and signed into law by Trump.

In perhaps an even more substantial blow to what seems to be a key tack of the Biden administration’s overriding philosophy, namely, reverse discrimination on the basis of race, multiple federal courts have halted different forms of COVID-19 relief programs in which applicants’ requests were prioritized based on whether or not they belonged to one or more preferred groups.

Earlier this month a federal judge in Wisconsin ordered the government to halt a loan relief program purportedly designed to remedy past discrimination against farmers of color, finding that the “use of race-based criteria” was in violation of the white plaintiffs’ right to equal protection under the Constitution, as NBC News reported.

Also of note – but apparently not to the hordes of Biden apologists in the media elite – is the fact that a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals panel last month invalidated a provision of a restaurant relief program contained in Biden’s massive coronavirus aid package that prioritized assistance grants according to the race, gender, or national origin of the applicant, as the Daily Wire noted.

In authoring the panels’ opinion blocking use of such criteria, Judge Amul Thapar took aim at the administration’s “scattershot” approach to defining which groups are rightly thought to be “socially and economically disadvantaged,” finding that business owners who were effectively sent to the back of the line for funding solely because of immutable characteristics such as race and gender were highly likely to prevail on the merits of the case.

Though these are precisely the sort of judicial scoldings that would have made major headline news as recently as a few short months ago, and which would have been upheld as prima facie proof of the blatant lawlessness of Trump, when it is the Biden administration on the receiving end, they are simply swept under the rug in the hope that few will notice they ever occurred.