Biden admin official admits need for Keystone pipeline

Laid off Keystone XL pipeline workers are blaming their firings on Joe Biden – and they aren’t mincing words.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Peter Bardeson, the business manager for the Laborers, Local 620 union in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, agrees.

“How do they lay their heads down at night knowing they’re supposed to be protecting these people and providing them with what they need to live?” he told the Washington Examiner. “Ole Joe sold us out.”

The Biden administration is suffering backlash after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted that a pipeline was the best way to transport oil across the United States and neighboring counties, according to The Washington Examiner.

President Joe Biden made headlines when he made a move against the pipeline within hours of taking office in January, putting thousands out of work.

According to the Examiner’s report, South Dakota resident Lauri Cox was shocked to hear Granholm admit the benefits of the pipeline and she said as much in her interview with the publication.

Cox owns the Stroppel Hotel in Midland, South Dakota which has taken a massive hit since the permits for the Keystone XL were pulled earlier this year.

“The current administration is doing nothing but proving they want to destroy America,” said the small business owner who has seen a sharp decrease in the amount of union laborers frequenting her establishment. 

Permits canceled by the Biden administration halted a roughly $8 billion cross-border venture that connected existing pipelines between the United States and Canada, stretching down to the gulf coast refineries. 

On Jan. 20, that all came to a screeching halt and according to Cox, “It solidifies that this administration does not have a platform for anything except hate,” she told the Washington Examiner.

Now, however, it appears that Granholm is admitting what those who interact with the oil industry on a daily basis have been saying since day one of the Biden administration: shutting down “big oil” isn’t the answer, it’s the transport to more problems. 

While it’s unclear why the Biden administration choose to placate the alt-left by shutting down the pipeline only to admit later that it was the most useful tool for the job, is as yet unknown.