Biden admin official admits need for Keystone pipeline

Laid off Keystone XL pipeline workers are blaming their firings on Joe Biden – and they aren’t mincing words.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Peter Bardeson, the business manager for the Laborers, Local 620 union in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, agrees.

“How do they lay their heads down at night knowing they’re supposed to be protecting these people and providing them with what they need to live?” he told the Washington Examiner. “Ole Joe sold us out.”

The Biden administration is suffering backlash after Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted that a pipeline was the best way to transport oil across the United States and neighboring counties, according to The Washington Examiner.

President Joe Biden made headlines when he made a move against the pipeline within hours of taking office in January, putting thousands out of work.

According to the Examiner’s report, South Dakota resident Lauri Cox was shocked to hear Granholm admit the benefits of the pipeline and she said as much in her interview with the publication.

Cox owns the Stroppel Hotel in Midland, South Dakota which has taken a massive hit since the permits for the Keystone XL were pulled earlier this year.

“The current administration is doing nothing but proving they want to destroy America,” said the small business owner who has seen a sharp decrease in the amount of union laborers frequenting her establishment. 

Permits canceled by the Biden administration halted a roughly $8 billion cross-border venture that connected existing pipelines between the United States and Canada, stretching down to the gulf coast refineries. 

On Jan. 20, that all came to a screeching halt and according to Cox, “It solidifies that this administration does not have a platform for anything except hate,” she told the Washington Examiner.

Now, however, it appears that Granholm is admitting what those who interact with the oil industry on a daily basis have been saying since day one of the Biden administration: shutting down “big oil” isn’t the answer, it’s the transport to more problems. 

While it’s unclear why the Biden administration choose to placate the alt-left by shutting down the pipeline only to admit later that it was the most useful tool for the job, is as yet unknown. 

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  2. I regret Sir but this has the distinction of Hitler as well as any destructive group wanting power over the world . Particular this country

    1. Biden STINKS… LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE MESS THIS COUNTRY IS IN ALREADY… in just a few months he has managed to destroy a LOT ! DEMON RATS are being exposed for what they are………… T R A S H Y CRIMINALS…. LIARS of the worst kind.

    2. INFLATION, INFLATION, INFLATION………….. that’s BIDENS FAULT…. WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET NOW, FOLKS ! NOTHING ! I hope every rotten filthy LYING demonrat voter out there loses everything TRUMP GAVE THEM…. WATCH YOU 401-K !

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  3. Biden is not worthy of living in this country. Deport him & rest of this administration to China or whatever 3rd world country they prefer with no return to U.S. ever.

  4. The Labors Union needs to protest at all Government Matainance Facilities that
    depend on large quantities of fuel so they can get that pipeline back on track.

    If they can stop fuel deliveries going to the National Guard old Joe Biden will sh;t bricks.

  5. Don’t know you Terry but I totally agree with you. Biden isn’t the only one doing his job, he has Dementia, has had for awhile. Now our defunct pres.Obama , Rice, pelosi, Schumer, Schiff , God only knows how many more. Obama is running his third term, he was interviewed and said he has always wanted to do this, I think it was planned before Biden ran,he can’t do much mentally, the way it looks none of them can.

  6. Just verifies that Jerko Biden wants to destroy America with his commie friends–He does not realize that his days are numbered—-He will need an entire ARMY to protect him very soon!!!!

  7. I don’t know why these unions are acting so surprised and shocked about Biden shutting down the key stone pipeline. He said he was going to do shut down the fossil fuel industry when he was campaigning from his basement. So why were these unions supporting him? Did they think he didn’t mean what he was saying? Did they not even hear or pay attention to what he was saying? Did they support him simply because he is a Democrat and that’s what unions do? Did they support him because they are so naive, gullible or stupid that they didn’t believe he would screw them over?

  8. Open your eyes people. Biden and the whole democratic party have been saying ever since Obama was in office that they wanted to fundamentally change this country. Now some people may have thought that what they meant was that they wanted to make it better but people with good sense knew what they meant. They meant that they wanted to make this country a Marxist communist country so they would have more control over the citizens and could rule over them like in other communist countries. Do you really want this kind of government in America? If you do then continue to vote and elect marxist communist democrats into office but if you do not then you need to vote and elect patriotic Americans in the republican party into office .

  9. Let’s face it the Left has changed from what it used to be, not saying that I would vote for any Democrat as they don’t Love our Christian Views and they certainly don’t agree with us on the right about Abortion. We on the right need to join together quit fighting over what Our President Trump has said or done in the past and think about what we need to do to take back this great country. Let’s all ask our Lord God for guidance and Pray every day to take control of this Beautiful Country Once Again.

  10. That’s how stupid Joe and much of the left is, Trump did it so we have to undo it which is very close to the Cackling Hyena saying she was tempted not to get vaccinated simply because Trump’s administration developed it.

  11. AMEN!!!!!! IMPEACH the whole Biden Administration and send them all to China!!!!! Oh, don’t forget to send his son, HUNTER with him !!!

  12. Lori Lightfoot the mayor of the slum of Chicago, the deadliest slum in the country. A racist bigot, that cares only about herself. She didn’t get the job because she could do the job, she got it because she is black, and uneducated. Just listen to her talk, and you know that she never got past K-1. Chicago needs a new mayor, hopefully one that knows what to do.

  13. The is off the charts Biden Harris Nancy chuck should be ashamed they are thieves they hate so !such that have lost sight of what is great about America from the broader to our service men and woman to the men and women in blue are you Biden so afraid of AOC and her idiots you can’t think what’s good for USA I will still pray for the dems and all you thieves. Who are birthday killers of babies you know who you are I hope you can be forgiven and that the American people can forgive you for selling out our country to China Russia Hamas !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Biden, Kamala ,Nancy ,Adam,Chuck ,blm , Obama, Soro and all democrats in house Senate need to be arrested for purposely destroying America.

  15. The theory that you are looking for is called the Q-anon. the left has been using it for years. That is why they keep trying to say it is a right wing conspiracy theory, they are projecting to discredit it while they are doing it. The leftists are trying to keep it under wraps so that people don’t know about it. It was all about how to bring down a nation without invading it. And all of the tenants of the theory are in play right now.

  16. The reason Biden shut down the pipeline is because Trump approved it. Nothing but pure hatred for anything that Trump has done. That plus his Communist handler told him to destroy America’s economy.

    1. It’s not just that the lefties hate Trump…they’d hate anyone who stood in the way of their corruption. Trump was a real threat to stupid people like Pelosi, Biden and Schumer who are only wealthy because they are corrupt enough to sell access to power through their [S]elected positions. When you pose a threat to that corruption you end their gravy train…and they’ll lie, cheat and steal to keep that from happening!

  17. Shame on Biden for shutting down the Keystone pipeline and putting many many people without jobs. Biden is not worthy of being president of our beloved country.

    1. Biden is not worthy of living in this country. Deport him & rest of this administration to China or whatever 3rd world country they prefer with no return to U.S. ever.

    2. They should not listen to Biden as he really is an illegal president. He should not even be there.

    1. Yep and we still have to keep him stink and all. How are we to survive 4 years of Biden/Harris ??? I really am fearful of what is going to happen to our country. I just hope he doesn’t start a war but won’t be too surprised if he does. Neither Biden or Harris have the mental capacity to be where they are. I think everyone running for president and VP should have to undergo a mental exam by a professional before they can be on any ballot.

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