Biden admin facing pushback from East Asian leaders

Vice President Kamala Harris is facing harsh criticism over the Biden administration’s dealings with the Middle East, according to at least one opinion piece published by the Conservative Brief.

The Conservative Brief’s Ion Miles Cheong penned the piece where he asserted that Harris faces a tough challenge to convince American allies and partners in Southeast Asia that the Biden administration can be depended upon. 

“Amid Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan and its fall to the Taliban, Harris’ trip to Southeast Asia may be coinciding in the worst way possible as Biden struggles to convince the world that he is doing a good job,” Cheong said.

The gamer-turned-journalist cited Harri’s recent visit to Singapore where she boasted that “the US is a global leader,” and that it vows “enduring engagement” in Asia. 

Harris attempted to assure her hosts that Washington is committed to their partnerships with the region and allowing China to expand its influence, which might not have sat well with her listeners:

“Our administration is committed to enduring engagement in Singapore, into Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific,” Harris said. “The reason I am here is because the United States is a global leader, and we take that role seriously.”

While Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong seemed somewhat positive towards Harris’ reassurances during their two-hour meeting on Monday, the leader also noted to the press that Singapore is offering military aircraft to assist in the evacuation of the Kabul airport, which is being overseen by the US military.

The East Asian leader didn’t allow the Biden administration off without a hitch, however, bringing to the forefront of the conversation questions about the Middle East, diplomatically leading with a gracious thanks for the former peace the region has seen for the past 20 years prior to Biden’s pullout:

“For this, Singapore is grateful,” Loong said. “We hope Afghanistan does not become an epicenter for terrorism again. It shows that the US has both strategic and economic stakes in Southeast Asia. We value the US renewing ties with its friends and partners here, especially Singapore,” he said.