Biden admin contradicts Biden on plan for amnesty

White House press secretary Jen Psaki contradicted President Joe Biden’s early comments about a plan to offer amnesty for illegal immigrants, according to Breitbart News

Psaki walked back Biden’s previous claim that his administration planned to use the Senate budget reconciliation process to make illegal immigrants legal, in a Wednesday press briefing.

“His view is that right now, this should not be… that the conversation should not be about a reconciliation process,” Psaki said. “It should be about moving forward in a bipartisan manner.”

Her comments came after she was questioned about immigration reform during a White House press briefing where she seemed to completely contradict what Biden said in an earlier statement.

“Two Hispanic Democrat members of Congress told Politico that Biden supported the idea behind closed doors at a White House meeting on Tuesday and would include rhetoric about the idea in his address to Congress later this month,” Breitbart News reported.

The White House press secretary, however, doubled down on her push that Biden wasn’t working to that end, but rather planning to build bipartisan support for immigration reform without using the Senate budget reconciliation:

“I guess I can articulate what the president’s point of view is and certainly what his intention of conveying in a private meeting was, which is that he believes there should be bipartisan support,” Psaki said.

She went on to say  that the “conversation” on immigration reform “should not be focused on reconciliation.”

“There is bipartisan support, for example, on the DREAMers and moving forward there,” she said. “And he believes that modernizing our immigration system and putting in measures in place to address that is something that should warrant a bipartisan support.”