Biden admin adds insult to injury by seeking mercy from Taliban

Adding yet another layer of humiliation to the unceremonious and catastrophic end to America’s 20-year involvement in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden has implored the Taliban to please tread lightly, spare the embassy, and permit U.S. troops to peacefully facilitate diplomatic evacuations in order to earn the goodwill of the international community, as Robert Spencer at PJ Media describes.

As detailed by the Washington Post, Spencer explained, “the U.S. argument to the Taliban is that if it avoids a direct confrontation with the more than 3,000 U.S. troops arriving in Kabul and waits for the completion of the evacuation, that increases the likelihood that both the international community and Afghans will accept the Taliban’s entry into the capital.”

The absurdity and extraordinary weakness of this position is clear on its face to just about anyone other than the D.C. foreign policy wonks who promulgated it, according to Spencer, who posits that Taliban leaders committed to returning the region to a medieval-style society ruled under strict Islamic law are surely unbothered by what the so-called international community thinks about its aims.

Lambasting the utterly out-of-touch world of the Washington career bureaucrats manning the State Department, Spencer emphasized that this most recent entreaty to the supposed conscience of Taliban fighters taking over the country is concrete evidence of the need for immediate and comprehensive reform among their ranks.

Sadly, according to Spencer, despite the undeniable debacle that has been both the Biden administration’s hasty and mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan and the preceding two decades of American involvement in the region, the end result will likely be a series of awards and promotions at the Pentagon, not to mention long-term job security for those who sat stateside and called the obviously disastrous shots for years.

Spencer is not the only one calling for real accountability amid the glaring failures of the American diplomatic and military establishment in relation to the collapse in Kabul, however.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves on Friday to slam the fact that “The Pentagon was supposed to build a functional national army in Afghanistan to protect the government, which we installed. But they didn’t do that.”

“So people didn’t do their jobs and then lied about not doing their jobs. But they’re still wearing the uniform of our country. Why is that? Good question,” Carlson mused.

Rather than dangling the exceeding lame carrot of international diplomatic approval in front of a band of barbaric militants who couldn’t care less, perhaps, as Carlson urged, “maybe we could hold our own leaders to account for the calamities they have caused. That’s not simply a matter of justice, though…it is the only way to prevent disasters like this from happening again.”