Bernard “Bernie” L. Madoff dead at the age of 82

Disgraced financier Bernard “Bernie” L. Madoff died at the age of 82 in prison, according to The Associated Press.

Madoff was the now infamous architect of “an epic securities swindle that burned thousands of investors, outfoxed regulators and earned him a 150-year prison term” according to the AP. 

The late former senior statesman of Wall Street was confirmed by the Bureau of Prisons, who indicated that the Ponzi scheme creator died at the Federal Medical Center in Butner North Carolina. 

Madoff’s attorney’s petitioned for him to be released from prison during the height of the coronavirus pandemic due to his end-stage renal disease and other medical conditions, but his request was denied. 

During a recent phone interview with The Washington Post Madoff offered his remorse over his misdeeds, saying that his time swindling the innocent was a “terrible mistake.” 

“I’m terminally ill,” he said. “There’s no cure for my type of disease. So, you know, I’ve served. I’ve served 11 years already, and, quite frankly, I’ve suffered through it.”

One of Madoff’s attorney’s indicated on Wednesday that they believe the financier-turned inmate died of natural causes related to his failing health. 

According to The New York Times, Madoff plead guilty to his financial crimes early in 2009, including securities fraud and other money schemes. He said at the time he was “deeply sorry and ashamed.”

“He stole from the rich. He stole from the poor. He stole from the in between. He had no values,” former investor Tom Fitzmaurice told the judge at the sentencing. “He cheated his victims out of their money so he and his wife … could live a life of luxury beyond belief.”

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  2. He got what he had coming, he received a 150yr sentence which added up to a life without parole punishment. He wasn’t sorry about swindling those people, he was sorry he got caught. He got what he deserved and the books are balanced.

    1. yes indeed he did. so he is gone, good riddens and nothing to see here, let’s move on the other CORRUPT CRIMINALS

    2. Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! says:

      No, a firing squad or hanging.

  3. So far thete been almost a quarter of million fraudulent votes across the country,and more keep coming. Anybody that doesn’t believe there wasn’t voter fraud, is a Biden Communist sympathizer! Democrats are brainless idots,just look at there so called president,he don’t know what’s going on in the world and he don’t care. Biden, his family,and his stooges all should be evicted from the U.S.A. Screw democrats and all who serve and vote for them.

  4. Amen and way to go Juliet!! Impeach that pos in WH that dares to call himself president, publish the election facts and reinstall the true president!!! Go, Mike Lindell!!

  5. Biden did not have the legitimate votes to win the Presidency. Those mail-in votes
    turned in after the polls had closed are why he IS the President. Why does Biden want
    America to end what has been working these past few years? Now, we’re ‘screwed’ again
    and will have to start all over if Biden stays President another two to four years. Just look at
    the border mess now when Trump had worked hard to keep US safe, let alone give all those
    folks US citizenship. Now we know why Americans did not want him to win the Presidency.
    Is he anti-America, pro-Communist, Progressive leaning, or just what? Whatever he actually
    is, it doesn’t seem to be uplifting America.

  6. Biden and rest are a joke. They all hide from direct questions, with no answers. I think a monkey could do a better job. Our Government is the laughing stock including useless Supreme idiots. Do they not know how hated they are?

    1. Oh, did I miss the news. The old Botox filled wicket witch Pelosi is dead? I checked the news – false alarm.

  7. God is Good, and I feel certain that he, along with our revered President, will find a way to save this Country.

    1. I would not trust this man, he looks a little to shaky for me. He appear to be, one of those people you keep that 10 foot pole handy, so he will not get to close and never turn your back to him. He looks like a quick and easy buy off ,for the soros-obama-clinton-pelosi-schumer MOB.

  8. For whatever it’s worth, that pos in the White House doesn’t belong there. He did not win the election….. .he stole it and American Patriots want him gone. He is destroying our country and everything is coming to a head. Make no mistake, Civil war is coming.

  9. Over turn the election.Trump won fair, Biden is the one that cheated and all the stations CNN,CBS,,NBC, ABC
    And remove that pos in the WH. All states are now saying, there was voter Fraud, So the right thing to do is give it to Trump.

    1. Whose says Trump, Get over it its not going to happen. There was no wide spread Fraud. In fact the only PROVEN ones I have heard about was a few Trump Supporters that voted for some deceased Relatives

      1. Marie , Open your Doors, let them Mexicans into your home ? Learn to speak Chinese Mandarin, get your Chopsticks out, Cause your rear is going to end up in the Gutter, Biden will Ruin America within 2 years, I am a Very SAD veteran, 82 years old with tears in my eyes, The America I LOVE and gave many years of my life for is Doomed ,SAD !

        1. AND THAT’S WHY OUR COUNTRY IS GOING DOWN THE TUBE. Probably another one that got a reward for losing Makes U wonder if and where they went to school & who taught them right from wrong.

        2. You are so right; I have a sister-on-law from China & U REALLY don’t want Communism. Even the elderly work, sweeping the streets & other manual labor & as a nurse my sis-in-law made 1/5th of what I was making here, & she did more than I did ,suturing ,etc. Say goodbye to the good life. And U can worship Obama, just as the kids were taught to worship Chairman Mao

      2. Marie, I rarely comment on stupidity but come out of the darkness into the light You will be able to see. You are not just blindsided but you seem to be deaf and dumb. Fraud is the middle name for the democrats and some of the republicans too. Just be honest and you will come into the truth. I will pray for you.

      3. What about the suitcases video taped in Georgia? What about the military ballots found dumped in Pennsylvania? What about the military ballots from Georgia that were 100% for Biden? That one I can not believe. What about the semitrailer full of fake ballots made out for Biden also in Pennsylvania? And the vote skimming on the voting machines in Michigan? Oh, and Biden himself saying, “I have the biggest voter fraud organization in the country working for me.” I am sorry but all anyone had to do was open their eyes to see the fraud. The fact that you still have your head stuffed where the sun doesn’t shine does not disprove the rampant voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. Denying it also does not help.

      4. Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! says:

        I see it, but I don’t believe it. Marie, do you remember Biden accidentally telling the truth about having the largest network for fraud? Or perhaps you remember about 12:30 eastern time they stopped counting. Why? That has NEVER been done before. When they resumed a surge ‘magically appeared’ for Biden. That was just the beginning. The military has quite a few surprises for Walter and the rest of the dems.

      5. You are a Dirtbag, Left, Liberal Trash, or you may be so mentally in such a deficiency? that just because you heard something, your brain goes in Infinite Berserk. Get of our page you Idiot, and don’t try to contaminate the Normalcy of Life, Out you Idiot.

      6. The election fraud was overwhelming. 21,000 dead people in Pennsylvania alone. 250,000 ballots brought from Long Island to Pennsylvania. The only case the courts heard, Trump won. Definitely a stolen election.

      1. She makes a stump look smart; and it infuriates me to think there are those who cannot/refuse to see what’s going on.

    2. AMEN, and you are 1000% correct, and not only toss biden and harris out to the curb at 1600 and reinstate the REAL POTUS number 45th DJT. , but all of those involved in the FRAUD, and the list is long, but you and me and millions of other GOOD PATRIOT AMERICAN CITIZEN know who they are, and they can run, but roaches can’t hide, from their past.

    3. Agree with you 1000%!!!!
      Get those state legislatures who stopped any motions to forward the investigative process and get the Giulianis and Jim Jordan’s to support us again. We need to pushback before this dysfunctional moron and his decisive and vicious VP along with Barry Otero ( Barack Obama) destroy the wonderful USA!!Amen

    4. that’s true Sharon but remove ALL THE POSs in the whitehouse, that would leave a very few. Then remove anyone who supported this Biden Admin. as they are ALL TRAITORS to this REPUBLIC, demonrats and rino’s ALL need to go. The good politicians stand up for us like Bongino, Jordan & Cruz. If they don’t stand up for ‘we the people’, they don’t have a job!

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