Democrat state’s attorney announces end to prosecution of ‘low-level’ offenses

Unprecedented conditions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic resulted in adjustments to the way some jurisdictions policed their streets, and a prominent official in one of America’s major cities has just announced she is making those changes permanent.

According to NBC News, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Friday that she will no longer prosecute drug and prostitution offenses or other low-level crimes such as minor traffic infractions, extending for good a policy she implemented on a temporarily basis amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The decision was made public in a press release that touted “one-year success” of a strategy embarked upon last March in which offenses deemed of a less serious nature would not be prosecuted, The Hill reported. Mosby boasted that her change in policy had “resulted in a decrease in arrests, no adverse impact on the crime rate” and helped “address the systemic inequality of mass incarceration.”

Mosby went on to assert that “prosecuting low-level offenses with no public safety value is counterproductive to the limited law enforcement resources we have,” and said that her city would “leave behind the era of tough-on-crime prosecution and zero tolerance policing and no longer default to the status quo to criminalize mostly people of color for addiction.”

While it is true that the past year has seen declines in certain categories of crime in Baltimore such as property offenses and robberies during the pandemic, its staggering rate of shootings and killings continued apace in 2020.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison has warned that any reported drop in crime is not necessarily cause to celebrate – the city had already tallied well over 300 homicides by the end of 2020 – and said, “the decreases are attributed to fewer people being out, which means fewer opportunities and chances for victimization,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

Local activist James Timpson told The Sun late last year that many likely criminals are coming to the realization that they simply stand a much lower chance of arrest under current conditions, and “they really don’t fear the repercussions of their actions right now,” something that may prove catastrophic once cities return to a pre-pandemic level of societal engagement.

Mosby first rose to national prominence for her role in charging several Baltimore police officers in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, cases in which she obtained zero convictions. More recently, news broke that she and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby are currently under federal investigation over tax-related matters.

Though the full impact of Mosby’s decision to abandon the prosecution of so-called low-level offenses is not yet known, the free-for-all atmosphere such a policy undoubtedly engenders almost certainly bodes ill for the law-abiding citizens of Baltimore.

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  1. Are all democrat/liberals so damn stupid? It seems that they are, or they wouldn’t make such stupid decisions.

    1. They are wanting to keep the black people out if prison. It is going to bite them in the butt. They will commit more crimes because they will not face any criminal charges. People will start defending their own selves and there will be more criminals shot. That man work out for the best commit a crime and get shot

      1. LMAO,Rome sent the people too the arenas for sadistic pleasure. Baltimore gives their honest citizens too the criminals for their higher salaries/pensions and their sadistic pleasures. You only close your eyes too crimes, unless you also are committing them or protecting the criminals in your family. Rome,sodom,gommorah,chicago,SAN FRAN,LA,NYC,PORTLAND ETC ETC.

    2. they can’t be that stupid they manage to steal and election and not get prosecuted so what the hell let them run wild in the streets til 2022

      1. They said they want to destroy our country and remake it as they want it to be. Then…you never know what they will our country to be like.

      2. Do You think that those that despised Mr. Trump had anything to do w/it ? ? ? The ( Dems ) were looking to do anything to turn Mr. Trump’s accomplishments upside down – the wall, taxes, Keystone XL, Peace in middle east, less regulation-more jobs,etc. ——-Craig

    1. You are a racist when calling white people out .all this white hate is racest at full blown .now every one is racest against white people when is this joke going to stop.

      1. Marj as long as people keep using the race card it will never end we are all human why not stick together and fight for our freedom that is being taken away with those nut cases Biden and Harris and the rest of the Democrat’s time to open your eyes your country is going down the drain in a hurry

  2. And…people keep voting democrats into office. I would ask why, but you can’t question stupidity.

    1. Franklin Steele they all heard free everyone wants free everything it’s not going to happen your young children and grand kids will be paying it all back and why are people so stupid for voting for the Democrat’s anyways when Biden even said your taxes will go up if you vote for him

    2. Franklin, have you forgotten????? We did NOT vote them into office —- Election fraud practices is what gave them all of this power. Unless the 2020 election is corrected and the rightful legitimate president is BACK in the White House, this will likely never end. This illegitimate administration is, by far, the most corrupt, evil, wicked, lying, cheating and ungodly ones that I have ever experienced in my 72 years ! ! ! The 2022 election will be just as fraudulent unless something is done about the one in 2020 ! ! !

  3. That is scary. Must be some of their friends and fellow politicians that would be in court otherwise. So obvious, so disgusting. Have any of these people read the law and the constitution. I doubt it.

  4. Who gave Dems the inch, oh ya! 2020 ! Now thair over a mile and going…. What the hell is going on people. we have,to put this Dems out to lunch and in jail

  5. Maybe we should start a go fund me page to build a bulldozer big enough to shove the whole East Coast into the ocean

    1. Yeah Me you talk like a person with no brains your stupid guess what the west coast is going to fall into the ocean the falk lines are cracking more bye byes how long can you tread water lol

  6. What about the victims? Illegals and criminals have more rights than american citizans. President Trump was all about Americans first. With Biden it’s Americans last. Good going liberal POS.

  7. and she has no say it is done by the state government check it why do we need her she has done nothing to fight crime and it is going up since she took over

  8. The radical left can never change the country to their liking. Before that happens, we won’t have a country anymore.

  9. What happened to the right to confront your accuser. The law is not perfect and you should have the right to present a defense no matter how silly it is. Won’t prosecute low-level crimes. Then why have the laws on the books? If you get caught speeding what is the police supposed to do – shake your hand? Another Democratic brain fart. Well we’ll see how long this lasts.

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