Bad news from Georgia in Senate runoff

In a bad sign for Republicans, it appears that early voting in Georgia has passed the 2 million mark, indicating high turnout for Democrats.

The Washington Times reports:

The figures mark a surprising trend because runoffs traditionally see much smaller turnouts than general elections, particularly those like last month’s that shattered records in many states. At this point before the general election, 2.2 million early votes had been cast.

While a surge in early voting would appear to favor Democratic candidates, Republicans in Georgia insist they see waves of support for their candidates.

For what it’s worth, the polls show both races as tight.

While both races remain neck and neck in the polls, the most recent surveys showed Ms. Loeffler possibly slipping after holding a narrow lead in every poll since Dec. 1.

A Fox 5/Insider Advantage poll showed Mr. Warnock up by 2 points and a WTIX-TV/SurveyUSA poll gave him a 7-point lead.

In the other runoff, Mr. Perdue clings to a 1-point lead over Mr. Ossoff in the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls.

If Republicans can’t win one of the two seats, they’ll lose the Senate, opening up the possibility of a Democratic-held Congress, Senate and White House. At that point, all sorts of terrible legislation is on the table.

Gun bans, federally funded abortions, granting electoral votes to DC and Puerto Rico, and any number of other Democratic pet projects are in the balance.

Conservatives need make sure their disappointment in November doesn’t cause disaster this January.