Avenatti found guilty on multiple charges in Stormy Daniels case, faces 22 years in prison

Michael Avenatti, known by at least half the country as the “creepy porn lawyer,” a man who was once virtually worshipped by the liberal mainstream media as a potential 2020 presidential contender, was absolutely humiliated this week in court after having been found guilty of stealing a giant pot of money away from his former client, adult film star Stormy Daniels.

According to Fox Business, Avenatti was accused of stealing over $300,000 of Daniels’ money, which was money gained from a book advance, in an effort to maintain his swanky lifestyle after getting caught up in a previous legal battle with Nike with regard to extortion charges. 

It was on Friday afternoon that a jury, after nearly 16 hours of deliberation, found the sleazebag lawyer guilty of charges of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft, which bring a combined potential 22 years in prison.

“I’m very disappointed,” Avenatti said after the jury read the verdict. “I look forward to a full adjudication of all the issues. Thank you.”

As far as Daniels is concerned, her lawyer, Clark Brewster, said his client is “relieved” that the Avenatti “nightmare is over.”

The text communications between Stormy and Mr Avenatti in real time was overwhelming proof of his deceit and embezzlement. The forgery of her name and his concealed directive to wire the money to him was irrefutable,” the attorney stated.

Brewster added: “Still, Mr Avenatti possessed the uncanny ability to steadfastly deny the crimes and persuade others he was entitled to the embezzled funds. Stormy is pleased that the justice system worked.”

Avenatti, who represented himself, had reportedly tried several avenues to file a successful motion for a mistrial, based on developing circumstances with both the jury and because of an interview Daniels reportedly did the morning of the trial with a local television station.

However, just like Avenatti himself, U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman described his attempts to scrap the trial as “beyond frivolous.”