JUST IN: Taliban Gets A NASTY Shock – Americans Cheering

Afghanistan isn’t completely in Taliban control yet – resistance fighters are still fighting for freedom, even after they were abandoned by the United States. These are America’s allies – the soldiers we were told lacked the will to fight. They are fighting alone for the right to live freely, betrayed by the one nation on […]

BREAKING: Disturbing Afghanistan Footage Released

The Afghan resistance isn’t dead. Biden may have abandoned them, but they’re still killing Taliban fighters. Eyewitness from the ground: Taliban casualties in the Pansjir Valley where fighting continues between Islamic terrorists and the Afghan resistance/government led by Ahmad Masood – US allies until the US changed sides. pic.twitter.com/KTmEhAqDT9 — Lara Logan (@laralogan) September 2, […]

Biden helps secure Afghanistan border, US border remains wide open

While the US border with Mexico remains a virtual war zone, Joe Biden is spending taxpayer money on securing another border halfway around the world. Fox reports: “The United States is helping Tajikistan secure a portion of its border with Afghanistan to help combat security threats in the region since the U.S. troop withdrawal from Kabul Monday, despite the ongoing crisis […]

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis To The Rescue – He Did It

Governor @RonDeSantisFL Announcing He Will Be Taking Executive Action Against "Vaccine Passports" "We always said we want to provide it for all, but mandate it for none." “We are not going to have you provide proof of this just to be able to live your life normally.” pic.twitter.com/1DSEmP7mm8 — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) March […]

Tucker Carlson Just Keeps Hitting Them Where It Hurts

Tucker Carlson's Monologue On Biden's Border Crisis "Just two months into the Joe Biden Administration the border is officially a disaster." "The lives of actual Americans mean nothing to the people making these decisions." pic.twitter.com/pA0Cya0wLn — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) March 17, 2021

Hot Take: Girlfriend Tells ALL – Top RINO Who Hates Trump Is…

This is very petty but hilarious. Adam Kinzinger's Russian ex-girlfriend said he was short and has "low levels of testosterone" “He is very good looking on Instagram but in real life he is average”https://t.co/Y1bdW4qdVi — Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) March 16, 2021

#1: Voter Fraud BOMBSHELL – It’s Not Over

Report: More than 92,000 Clark County NV mail ballots returned undeliverable in general election | Just The News https://t.co/kluI30to8K — John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) March 11, 2021

Hot Take: Trump Doctor Was Right

The great Scott Atlas: “Second, I remain surprised at the acceptance by the American people of draconian rules, restrictions, and unprecedented mandates, even those that are arbitrary, destructive, and wholly unscientific.” https://t.co/HxUx3dkOur — Jenin Younes (Leftylockdownskeptic 🙂) (@Leftylockdowns1) March 9, 2021

Hot Take: Media Totally Humiliated

The media didn't hide their love for Andrew Cuomo. If they had any integrity at all, they would be apologizing. Great thread here from @DrewHolden360 https://t.co/LBmEaSNu4q — Brent Bozell (@BrentBozell) March 8, 2021

Judge orders new election in Mississippi, citing evidence of fraud

In a microcosm of the struggles with vote integrity that the nation faced last fall, a town in Mississippi is confronting a fraudulent election – and redoing the race. PJ Media reports: A judge has ordered a new runoff election for Ward 1 alderman in Aberdeen, Mississippi, after evidence of fraud and criminal activity. In a […]