Hot Take: Josh Hawley Goes NUCLEAR

Josh Hawley went absolutely NUCLEAR on cancel culture at CPAC, sending a powerful message to those who seek to cancel conservatives — Dinesh D'Souza (@DineshDSouza) February 26, 2021

Source: Kamala Harris wasn’t informed about the Syria bombing – she’s furious

According to Jack Posobiec, a reporter at OANN, White House sources are saying that Kamala Harris wasn’t informed about the Biden administration’s recent airstrikes in Syria – and she’s furious about it. Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop, per WH […]

Disturbing details of Hunter Biden family relationships revealed

By now, most Americans are aware of the bizarre details of the Biden family relationships, particularly surrounding son Hunter, and his tumultuous personal life. But new details about Hunter just surfaced from his famous abandoned laptop – and they add another layer to his sordid story. Apparently, in addition to dating his dead brother’s widow, […]

Jill Biden opens up about her divorce

First Lady Jill Biden just opened up about her divorce from her first husband Bill Stevenson in 1974. The Washington Examiner reports: Stevenson caused a stir during the 2020 campaign when he accused Biden of having an affair with Joe after they met in 1972, when Stevenson and his then-wife volunteered on the president’s first U.S. […]

Kamala Harris sells San Francisco home for a huge profit

Kamala Harris has used the phrase “people over profit” so many times that we almost started to believe her. But it turns out that Harris and her husband, lawyer Doug Emhoff, aren’t averse to making a hefty profit themselves. reports: The nation’s newest vice president is unloading her San Francisco condo—and she’s getting a very […]

Federal judge blocks Biden’s deportation ban

Joe Biden is trying to dismantle America’s borders. But thanks to one Federal judge, Biden’s mission to fundamentally change America just got a lot harder. Breitbart reports: A federal judge has blocked President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from implementing a halt on deportations, a blow to the administration’s efforts to dismantle interior […]

Biden ends the charade, reopens “cages” for kids

It turns out that Joe Biden didn’t care about “kids in cages.” Jeff Charles writes at Liberty Nation: “It seems that the Democrats didn’t care as much about the “kids in cages” as they led us to believe. Indeed, after President Joe Biden decided to reopen a Texas facility used to house migrants under the Trump […]

Justice Thomas strikes a tragic note in lonely Supreme Court dissent

Supreme Court

More and more, it appears that Clarence Thomas is the only true conservative on the Supreme Court. That’s a tragic testimony, especially when the number of supposed conservatives is 6. Thomas wrote a strong dissent when the Supreme Court recently declined to hear voter fraud cases that would have had an important effect on the […]