Nevada vote-buying effort CONFIRMED – Evidence is piling up.


As the Trump campaign gears up to present their legal challenge in Nevada, disturbing evidence of a cash for votes program has surfaced. The Trump campaign says “a shocking number of states have discovered that groups claiming to support the Native American community’s voice at the polls have engaged in blatantly illegal bribery and vote […]

Tweet of the day: Biden stabbed in the back

It’s very clear that Biden is surrounded by people who view him as a helpless pawn. Wow Tucker just aired this old clip from October 2019 of Jen Psaki, Biden's pick for Press Sec: "There have been a number of moments were even those of of us who have affection for Vice President Biden think […]

Top Democrat and Gavin Newsom ally CHARGED with domestic violence

Another of our “leaders” has been exposed as a violent predator. Nathan Ballard, a top California Democrat and friend of California Gov. Gavin Newsom was arrested on domestic violence charges in October. Ballard is accused of “attacking a woman and suffocating a child with a pillow while at a high-end California spa in October, Politico reported, […]

Tweet of the day: TERM LIMITS NOW

The House is only in session 101 days next year. Fewest days in a non-election year since 1933. And remember, even when in session, Democrats don’t have to show up. They can phone in their vote! Your tax dollars hard at work. — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) December 3, 2020

White House communications director resigns

Fox News reports: White House Communications Director Alyssa Farrah is resigning from the Trump administration, she announced on Thursday. Farah, who entered the administration as Vice President Pence’s press secretary in 2017, heaped praise on the president and touted his accomplishments. “I am deeply proud of the incredible things we were able to accomplish to make our […]

Kamala Harris’s reckless fearmongering over the vaccine EXPOSED

The Democrat party claims to be the party of science and data, but when the chips are down, they’ve proved to be one of the most reckless and anti-scientific forces in modern America. It’s truly shameful what they’ll do to win elections, and no one has more shamefully exploited and abused science that vice-presidential candidate […]

Tweet of the day: Big win for fair elections

I have NEVER understood the opposition to voter ID, except by people wanting to encourage cheating. I show ID to get my driver's license, to board a plane, to write a check and am not offended or discouraged from voting. But I am offended by the thought that cheaters can vote. — Elizabeth Burr (@huskerliz) […]

Hannity: Trump should pardon himself and his family

When it comes to the Deep State, President Trump should take no chances, says Sean Hannity. I agree. The Hill reports: Sean Hannity said on his radio and television shows Monday that he thinks President Trump should pardon himself in order to avoid a potential prosecution from the incoming Biden administration. The conservative host referred to an op-ed […]