Almost 90% of immigrants released into United States not reported to ICE

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has yet to receive reports on almost 90 percent of the 50,000 migrants released into the United States by the Biden administration, according to Think Civics. The publication reported that the administration has missed the 60-day window on almost nine out of 10 immigrants being released by the current administration’s […]

Virginia Republican calls out Harris over coronavirus spread thanks to border crisis

Former Republican congressional candidate has called out Vice President Kamala Harris over the border crisis, tweeting his disdain for the administration’s dealings with the United States – Mexico border. Navy veteran and Virginia Republican Jarome Bell tweeted about what he called 2 million “trespassers” from around the globe that have entered the United States illegally. […]

Texas House Speaker issues arrest warrant for Texas Democrat who fled back to Washington

Texas state House Speaker Dade Phelan announced an arrested warrant was issued for a Democrat, Rep. Philip Cortez, that fled the state in order to circumvent GOP backed voting bills, according to The Washington Examiner.  Texas Democrats made headlines when they took to the skies, eventually landing in Washington, D.C. when it became apparent that […]

Americans want Nancy Pelosi to focus on BLM protests more than Jan. 6

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is focusing on the wrong riots according to a recent poll reported by The Daily Wire.  The report stated that a considerable majority of Americans want the House speaker to be focused on investigating the riots that sprang up in the wake of the death of George Floyd more than those […]

Teen killed in Chicago shooting spree that injured 9 others

One dead and nine injured in two shootings in the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago on Wednesday evening, according to ABC7 Chicago. The deceased was a 14-year-old male who was shot in the head died at Stroger Hospital, according to Chicago police. Another 16-year-old boy was shot in the head and is currently in critical condition […]

PA decertifies voting machines

Fulton County Pennsylvania’s voting machines were decertified after local officials conducted the GOP-backed ballot audit through a third-party contractor, according to The Washington Examiner.  The county will be doing away with their Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A voting system, which was used in the 2020 presidential election after the software company Wake TSI was allowed to […]

Biden’s $1 Trillion + infrastructure bill fails 51-49

A  $1 trillion+ infrastructure bill was met with a filibuster by Senate Republicans on Wednesday after the minority party complained that (Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) rushed the bill to vote, according to Fox News. The massive bill, brokered by President Joe Biden with a bipartisan group of senators, has allowances for new roads, bridges, and broadband […]

Gov Cuomo facing ‘severe repercussions’ for what lawmakers are calling ‘witness intimidation’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is feeling the heat after his communications director, Rich Azzopardi tweeted earlier this month that Attorney General Letitia James’s investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against the governor could be politically motivated, according to The New York Post.  Cuomo faces “severe repercussions” from Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Lavine (D-Long Island) who […]

Pelosi vetos Republicans for ‘bipartisan’ Jan. 6 committee

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is receiving backlash for blocking Republican nominees for the January 6th Select Committee according to The Daily Wire.  Pelosi has vetoed two Republicans who were put forward for the controversial committee on Wednesday while putting together a group to delve into the details of the January Capitol Hill demonstration. Politico […]