Skepticism mounts over Kamala Harris’ viability as Biden’s heir apparent

Though it has been clear for quite some time that Vice President Kamala Harris has not lived up to Democrats’ lofty expectations, whispers are growing louder by the day that her presumptive status as President Joe Biden’s heir apparent – whether in 2024 or beyond – is increasing jeopardy, as Fox News reports. Voters in […]

AOC tells pro-abortion protesters to get ‘into the streets’ in wake of Roe ruling

Despite all of their wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Jan. 6, 2021 unrest at the U.S. Capitol, several high-profile Democrats saw nothing wrong with urging supporters to stir up trouble of their own after the nation’s highest court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) imploring pro-abortion demonstrators to […]

Former FL Dem gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum indicated on fraud charges

In a profound reversal of fortune for a onetime rising start in the Democrat Party, former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was indicted Wednesday on 21 federal criminal charges that include wire fraud, false statements, and conspiracy, as the Associated Press reports. Also indicted with Gillum was his former adviser and CEO of the National […]

US Supreme Court invalidates New York restrictions on concealed carry permits

In a U.S. Supreme Court term that is shaping up to be one for the ages, by a margin of 6-3, the justices on Thursday ruled that New York state restrictions on the ability to obtain concealed carry permits represent a violation of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments, as the Daily Wire reports. The case […]

Keith Olbermann demands dissolution of US Supreme Court over gun rights ruling

Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has been in the process this week of releasing opinions in some of the most pivotal cases in years, and one such ruling has infuriated liberal commentator Keith Olbermann to such a degree that he has announced his belief that the time has come to “dissolve” the panel for good, as […]

Texas woman pleads guilty to multiple felony counts of voter fraud

In a win for Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, it was announced that earlier this month, a Port Lavaca woman pleaded guilty to 26 felony counts of voter fraud, as Fox News reports, in a case that only serves to bolster the same kind of election integrity concerns about mail-in ballots raised by former […]

Holiday weekend gun violence in Chicago leaves 61 shot, 10 dead

As the heat of summer continues to build, so, too, does the senseless gun violence that grips America’s largest cities, and that was certainly the case in Chicago over Father’s Day weekend, when 61 individuals were shot, resulting in the deaths of 10, as the Chicago Sun-Times Media Wire reports via local television affiliate station […]

MI GOP gubernatorial hopeful facing Jan. 6 charges ordered to surrender guns

In a disappointing move, a federal judge last week ordered Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley to surrender his firearms as he awaits misdemeanor charges linked to his alleged involvement in the Jan. 6, 2021 unrest at the U.S. Capitol, as the Detroit Free Press reports. The move by Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather came despite […]

Chinese government accused of issuing fraudulent COVID alerts to thwart protests

In yet another stark example of the abuses perpetrated daily by the Chinese government against its citizens, reports are emerging that authorities in the Asian country are initiating and sending false COVID-19 infection alerts to individuals suspected of preparing to engage in protests unrelated to the pandemic, thus preventing their movement, according to the U.K. […]

‘Street takeover’ in LA neighborhood prompts police to form skirmish line

Symptomatic of a troubling fad across the Los Angeles area, an unruly group of revelers assembled in the Boyle Heights section of the city in the early hours of Sunday morning, staging what is known as a “street takeover” that forced police to mobilize into a skirmish line, as Fox News reports. According to the […]