Cali Gov. Newsom ‘hopeful’ VP Harris will eventually become president

While there have been plenty of rumbles from the depths of the Democratic Party regarding Vice President Kamala Harris’ dim prospects for beating a strong Republican challenger if she’s the nominee for the White House in 2024, at least one old liberal friend has her back. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), one of Harris’ old […]

NYC Mayor Eric Adams considering 2024 run for the White House: Report

President Joe Biden and his handlers have insisted that the aging, cognitively fragile man will mount a run for a second term in the White House in 2024, though many doubt that it’s even remotely possible, given that he’ll not only likely lose to a Republican, but also due to his rapid aging. Nobody — […]

New York Supreme Court finalizes redrawn congressional map, bad for Dems

New York Democrats already had a monumental challenge in front of them with regard to the 2022 midterm elections, but after the state’s Supreme Court’s latest ruling, it’s now crystal clear that the Democratic Party stands little chance of staying alive. According to the Washington Examiner, the state’s high court just approved a resubmitted congressional […]

American babies being admitted to hospital thanks to Biden’s formula shortage

Out of all the various crises facing America, thanks to President Joe Biden’s disastrous policymaking, nobody could have guessed that starving, malnourished American babies would be admitted to the hospital as a result of a baby formula shortage on Biden’s watch. Yet, as the Daily Mail reported, that’s exactly what’s happening within the borders of […]

Federal court case could have profound effect on PA GOP Senate primary race

Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick, two of the top Pennsylvania Republican candidates for an open U.S. Senate seat, both eagerly anticipated a win last week on election night, only to come up with margins so thin that a clear winner would be impossible to call. Now, the results could become slightly more complicated than […]

Resurfaced video shows Pelosi blaming Bush for high gas prices in 2007

You could hypothetically chain House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the Biden administration, and every other high-profile Democrat to a wall in a dungeon and they still wouldn’t admit that the “Putin price hike” is only partially responsible for the nation’s energy crisis. In other words, Pelosi believes that it’s everyone else’s fault but President Joe […]

Buffalo resident calls for law-abiding citizens to be armed in wake of mass shooting

Anti-gun Democrats will swear up and down all day long that the best way to reduce gun violence is to take all guns away from everyone, including law-abiding citizens. Not only is it a foolish, unrealistic, anti-Constitutional suggestion, but it’s also quite dangerous. According to Townhall, one Buffalo, New York resident, in the wake of […]

New York Dems face ‘absolutely brutal’ redistricting map

Democratic candidates, even in many blue states, already had a tough row to hoe in the upcoming November midterms, especially as angry parents and ticked-off, broke Americans take out their anger on the party in charge. According to the Washington Examiner, Democratic candidates in New York are going to have an especially difficult time gaining […]