Biden admin gives in, will restart Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy in November

It appears as if President Joe Biden’s early moves to eliminate most of former President Donald Trump’s border and immigration policies wasn’t such a great idea, after all. According to the Daily Caller, it was recently announced that the Biden administration — as it faces unprecedented waves of migrants at the southern U.S. border — […]

At least 16K COVID-infected migrants were released by ICE onto US soil: Report

The Biden administration has been quick to blame unvaccinated Americans for the continued spread of COVID-19, all the while the actions of the administration itself appears to be one of the primary causes of the situation. According to Breitbart, a source within the ranks of federal law enforcement reported that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) […]

Gov. Whitmer vetoes pair of Republican-backed election integrity bills

Michigan was only one of many states in the 2020 election that triggered waves of controversy by many who believe that the state experienced ballot and voter fraud at a scale that required legislative corrections. According to Fox News, Michigan state Republicans did, in fact, attempt to correct voting issues to make future elections more […]

Hillary Clinton spotted at hospital where Bill Clinton was admitted for an infection

Former President Bill Clinton generated headlines last week when it was suddenly announced that he had been admitted to UC Irvine Medical Center for an undisclosed “infection,” though it was noted in early reports that the situation wasn’t related to COVID-19. According to Fox News, numerous reporters stationed outside of the hospital on Saturday, after […]

Federal appeals court denies request from Biden’s DOJ to pause Texas abortion bill

The controversial anti-abortion bill recently passed in Texas triggered pro-abortion Democrats and activists in a big way — to the degree that it caught the immediate attention of President Joe Biden’s Justice Department, which immediately went after the state. But according to The Daily Wire, Biden’s DOJ took yet another loss in its attempt to […]

Biden admin to remove original Taliban-era Afghans from terror travel lists: Report

Just when one would think President Joe Biden’s administration couldn’t possibly screw up the Afghanistan situation more than it already has, it does exactly that. According to a Fox News exclusive report, documents obtained by the network revealed the shocking news that the Biden administration plans to remove several Taliban-era Afghan civil servants — people […]

Suicide bomber detonates at Shiite Muslim mosque in Afghanistan, nearly 50 dead

While news about Afghanistan has taken a backseat to new headlines, an explosion recently ripped through a Shiite mosque in the Kandahar Province last week, killing scores of innocent Muslim worshippers. According to The Daily Wire, as a large group of Muslims gathered to worship at the Fatimiya mosque, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb, […]

Vast majority of Americans believe Harris is doing a ‘poor’ job with migration crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked by President Joe Biden earlier this year at investigating the “root causes” of the migration crisis, which directly affects the immigration crisis continuing to unfold at the southern U.S. border — a crisis that the administration doesn’t seem keen to fix anytime soon. According to a new poll released […]