#1: Top Biden Official Drops Massive Announcement – This Is Huge

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told Politico in an interview published Wednesday that he isn't thinking about running for president in 2024.https://t.co/0Vq2SProxS — Newsmax (@newsmax) November 24, 2021 The Buttigieg presidential buzz has penetrated the White House https://t.co/k9HT3LFvZY — Umair A.  (@akbarth3great) November 24, 2021

BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Devastating News – Massive Failure

JUST IN – Saudi Arabia, Russia consider pausing planned oil production increases after the U.S. and others release crude to push prices lower (WSJ) — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) November 24, 2021 “We were energy independent one year ago, now we are at the mercy of OPEC." https://t.co/xchIHYfFdW — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) November 24, 2021

#2: Joe Biden Gets ROCKED – Americans Are Done With Him

BIDEN HAS BEEN WARNED: 2.5 million truckers say they’ll quit over vaccine mandates. — Art TakingBack 🇺🇸 (@ArtValley818_) November 24, 2021 Look around you right now. Chances are good that every single thing you see was on a truck at some point. If we’re about to lose 1/3 of the truckers in this country, you […]

BREAKING: The Verdict Is In – Nation Stunned

BREAKING: Travis McMichael found guilty of malice murder, felony murder in death of Ahmaud Arbery — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 24, 2021 JUST IN – Jury finds Travis McMichael guilty on all 9 counts for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. — Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) November 24, 2021

#1: Murders Are WAY Up – See How Much

"The American public is beginning to feel this “woke” criminal justice reform in the form of rising crime rates in their communities. Homicides in the U.S. are surging this year, on top of a 30% rise in murders in 2020, according to FBI statistics." https://t.co/wdbiAeZVpr — Ned Ryun (@nedryun) November 24, 2021

#2: Looting Breaks Out – This Is The Ugly Truth

How left-wing postmodernism works: the word "looting" is criticized more than the act of looting itself. Symbolic interpretation is prioritized over physical reality—all in service of elite political ideology. pic.twitter.com/4Y7w5I5rZ1 — Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) November 24, 2021 San Francisco 2021: Working-class citizens and shopkeepers get robbed, looted, and beaten in the streets. Elite […]

BREAKING: Rittenhouse Secret Comes Out – It Was A Setup

As I told everyone, no sustained rioting after the Rittenhouse verdict like after the death of Saint George Floyd. Why? One was funded and organized by elites. One wasn’t. There was almost NOTHING organic about last Summer. That was on purpose. https://t.co/LxTC9pHE0c — Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) November 24, 2021

#4: They’re Taking To The Streets – See The Video

Praying for freedom in Europe. Protests continue going strong into the week in cities all across Italy against COVID tyranny and vaccine passes for employment. Trieste tonight.pic.twitter.com/gQfCQdoIqe — Michael P Senger (@MichaelPSenger) November 24, 2021

BREAKING: Biden Just Sealed His Fate – Shocking Incompetence

Biden taps our strategic oil reserves to lower prices. But, prices trade up and now, $6 gas is on the horizon. Bc for SOME reason…he STILL doesn't get it. ESG, killing Keystone…all these moves have real life consequences. 👇 https://t.co/nRHvNa5uCk — Trish Regan (@trish_regan) November 24, 2021