#2: FBI Moves In Against ‘Insurectionists’

The FBI has always been, still is, and always will be one of the prime enemies of the civil liberties and privacy rights of Americans. Any backdoor tech companies use to invade people's communications can, like any backdoor, be invaded by others unauthorized to intrude: https://t.co/8HF9XxVJGW — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 5, 2021 And predictably […]

Hot Take: Biden expands cages for children

Biden opening child cages to 100% but kids can't go back to school? Maybe the coyotes should unionize https://t.co/X5mTq0Sd8W — Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) March 5, 2021

#4: I Miss Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany always came prepared and had answers to every question the fake news media had. Jen Psaki gets softball questions from her friends in the White House press corps and still has to 'circle back.' — Camryn Kinsey (@camrynbaylee) March 5, 2021

#1: Democrats Run Out Of Votes – Biden CRUSHED

Democrats postponed a floor vote on President Biden's amnesty and population-expansion bill amid "dismal" Democratic support, says Politico. https://t.co/aDHh0oDQ6W — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) March 5, 2021

#4: Liberals Have A New Name For Us – This Won’t Work Any Better Than Deplorables

First we were “deplorables.” Then “chumps.” Then “spineless cowards” who only eat at Olive Garden. And now? We’re “neanderthals.” Not smart enough to make decisions for ourselves. This is what the Democrats think of us. — Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) March 4, 2021 President Biden said allowing Mississippians to decide how to protect themselves is […]

#3: This Is What Tyranny Looks Like

DC has become the most paranoid city on earth. People walk outside wearing two layers of masks while thousands of armed troops and barbed-wired fences guard against a nonexistent threat. You wouldn't want these people in charge of anything, yet they run the whole the country. — Robby Soave (@robbysoave) March 4, 2021 Are we […]

Hot Take: Numbers Tell All – Democrats Won’t Like This

States with the lowest unemployment rates (Dec 2020) 1/ South Dakota (3.3%)2/ Utah (3.3%)3/ Nebraska (3.4%)4/ Vermont (3.5%)5/ Iowa (3.7%)6/ Idaho (3.8%)7/ New Hampshire (3.8%)8/ Wisconsin (4%)9/ Montana (4.2%)10/ Missouri (4.4%) (via @BLS_gov) — Michael Hendrix (@michael_hendrix) March 4, 2021

#1: Powerful Republican Just CHECKMATED Dems – This Is GOLD

This is beautiful https://t.co/uSESK7TyOc — Ashley StClair 🇺🇸 (@stclairashley) March 4, 2021 I just objected to skipping past the reading of the Democrats’ 628-page bill that was just introduced minutes ago. If they’re going to add nearly $2T to the national debt at least we should know what’s in the bill. — Senator Ron Johnson […]