Aspiring pediatrician is the latest in a string of deaths among young Canadian docs

In the latest in a string of seemingly suspicious deaths among young doctors in the Greater Toronto area, 27-year-old Dr. Candace Nayman collapsed while participating in a triathlon and passed away four days later, as the Toronto Sun reports.

Nayman was currently serving as a resident at McMaster Children’s Hospital in the city of Hamilton and was an enthusiastic triathlete, often posting on social media about her competitive exploits.

In mourning the loss of the promising young physician, Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis, chief of pediatrics at her hospital, declared, “Everyone in the pediatrics department here at McMaster University and McMaster Children’s Hospital is devastated by the loss of Dr. Candace Nayman.

“Candace was an aspiring pediatrician who exemplified hard work, radiated positivity, lived a vibrant and active life, and had a positive impact on her fellow residents, colleagues, faculty and patients,” Mikrogianakis added.

After collapsing during the competition on Sunday, Nayman was taken to the hospital, where friends maintained a prayer vigil until her death on Thursday, and though her organs were donated per her wishes, a cause of death has not been made public, according to the Sun.

Nayman’s death would have been a tragedy under any circumstances, but it comes at a particularly difficult time for the medical profession in the broader Toronto area, with four other doctors recently passing – all in the prime of their lives and careers.

Just last week it was reported that renowned emergency medicine physician Dr. Paul Hannam of North York General Hospital died suddenly and unexpectedly while exercising at the age of 50, according to CTV News Toronto.

Like Nayman, Hannam was an accomplished athlete, having competed in the 1996 Olympics in the sport of sailing and also completing multiple marathons over the course of his all-too-short life, and similarly, no cause of death was made public.

The loss of five young, vigorous physicians within weeks of each other certainly raises eyebrows, if not suspicions, and while their employing hospitals all went to great lengths to declare that the doctors’ deaths “were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine,” the lack of transparency that has shrouded the frequency side effects and complications of the jabs throughout the pandemic undoubtedly fails to engender confidence in the claim in the eyes of many.