Arrival of Rep. Julia Letlow in DC narrows Pelosi’s already-slim House majority

Political maneuvering in advance of the 2022 election season is well underway, and with the arrival in D.C. last week of a newly-minted congresswoman, Republican hopes for a strong showing next autumn look stronger than ever.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA) was sworn into office on Wednesday, a development that helps narrow Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority going into the all-important midterm contests next year.

Letlow took office after launching a successful bid for the 5th Congressional District seat to which her late husband, Luke, was elected last November. Luke Letlow tragically died on Dec. 29 from COVID-19 at the age of 41, just days before he was scheduled to be sworn in, as NBC News reported at the time.

Julia Letlow described the motivation behind her decision to seek the seat in the aftermath of a such a profound personal tragedy, saying on the House floor last week, “Luke and I were a team, with a goal to better our state and our country. I want to thank him for paving the way for me.”

Letlow’s arrival on the scene also serves to shrink the Democrats’ already razor-thin House majority, leaving Pelosi with just three members to spare on contentious legislation certain to come before the body in the coming months.

A spate of departures for roles within the Biden administration among liberal lawmakers in recent months and the death this month of Rep. Alcee Hastings have put additional pressure on the speaker – at least for the time being – to achieve cooperation with her party’s far-left “Squad” on key proposals such as the massive infrastructure plan currently under consideration, as the Examiner added.

Despite the fact that the midterm elections are still 19 months into the future, Republicans are reportedly feeling bullish on their chances of retaking the House majority, according to The Hill. Conservative legislators and pundits alike believe that the Biden administration’s mismanagement of the border crisis, its passage of massive spending bills, and its attempts to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices will create the perfect storm that leads to overwhelming GOP victory next November.

Also optimistic about the electoral prospects of the GOP over the next few years is none other than former President Donald Trump, who spoke to a group of the party’s top donors earlier this month, as CBS News reported, telling the crowd:

I stand before you this evening filled with confidence that in 2022, we are going to take back the House and we are going to reclaim the Senate – and then in 2024, a Republican candidate is going to win the White House.

Regardless of what happens next November, the willingness of Julia Letlow – widowed mother of a 1-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son – to persevere in the face of unimaginable tragedy and take up the mantle of service left by her husband is a true portrait in courage, and it should inspire Republicans everywhere in their ongoing fight against the radical left.

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    1. Well the machines could be corrected before we allow them to be used. I’m sure we have tech’s who can do that at every voting place. Check them out before we allow anyone to vote using them.

      1. Cozycalico, the votes can be entered into the Dominion machines, but it just takes a few lines of code to change the votes to what the liberals want and flip that vote that was entered into the machine. It is not how the votes are entered, but how the votes are recorded in the dominion voting machine. Then in the middle of the night they make all of those votes for republicans into democratic votes. Simple!!

  2. US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Write to them tell the cowards we want them to look in to the voter fraud.
    The KKK was started and ran by the Democrats as a way to control the people, isn’t this cancel culture the same thing. Read your history.
    If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

  3. Good I Pray The GOP GAINS Enough Seats
    To Get Rid Of NANCY PUKE-OSI She’s A
    Total Disgrace & Needs To Be Removed
    From Her Position, She Could Care Less
    About The American People, She Is A

  4. Every day I get letters in the mail wanting me to donate $ to the RNC. How can I do that when they are doing nothing to stop those idiot dumacrats from what they are doing to our country. NO I will not donate for two reasons #1 I do not have spare money to do nothing RINOS, so get some balls and do something #2 get some spine OKAY.

  5. America needs Trump to run for congress in the state of Florida become speaker of the house then impeach obiden, camaltoe harris and then finish out obidens term. Run for POTUS in 2024. Great plan.

  6. There will be fraud, even worse than 2020. The liberal/leftists,Democrats are in the driver’s seat. They have the media, the richest corporations, richest individuals, & the SCOTUS in the bag, adding 4 more ultra liberal nutcases is going to happen but is a waste of tax money.

    Biden/Harris are just starting Obama’s third, fourth terms.

  7. Biden and Harris can get on TV and lie about Americans being racist, which is a BIG LIE, but can’t comment or show up to the huge mess at the border.

  8. If the “Republicans” can get rid of the RINO’s & quit taking campaign bribes from Big Tech, they may have a chance to get something serious done!

  9. Ever since Biden was selected and inaugurated. All he’s done is. Also the people. Closing the pipeline, how many people lost their jobs?? Let’s put it this way oh cool of them lost their jobs. Now that things are getting better and people are getting their shots he’s still not letting the small businesses open. And then on top of that he wants them to start paying their employees $15 an. How can these small businesses do that since you’re just opening. Well let me put it other way hopefully opening. Give them a. Let them open and once they are back on their feet then they can give the employees $15 an hour. But he doesn’t want it that way. His way or no way.
    About the border situation. Come on, he knew what he was doing all of them did. Get a lot of the illegal immigrants into our country no matter who they are. Just so that they can get their vote to keep our country to dissolve into nothing. We already know they don’t love our, know the people. That shows so true. Instead of helping our poor American people. He’s got all these illegal immigrants coming in that are going to get housing, food stamps and of all things he wants to give stimulus checks to them. First of all they did not live here the virus was going the virus was going on. They were in their own. I guess that’s where part of the trillions of dollars that they’re taking out is to support the legal immigrants. We have people living out on the street under bridges. In other states they have people that are very poor that don’t have much. We have veterans that don’t have a place to live. Now what happens to all those people?? They just get pushed aside.
    I’m getting this all out right now. With the voting. They need to have driver’s license no IDs. With the driver’s license they have to have proof of their address where they’re living and they have to have proof of some bills in their name. Wow what’s going to happen when they don’t. They can’t vote. Tell you the truth I don’t think they should vote. They have not lived in our country. They are not American. And if he wants them to be American citizens well first they have to show birth certificate of where they are where they came from. Am I right about??
    . Just like people that come from overseas they have to go through rigmarole to be sworn in as American citizens not when they first come in but later. Don’t get me wrong I do feel sorry about these children. My heart goes out to them for being used from these illegal immigrants. Where are these children going to go?? Are the American citizens going to let them come in to their. You wouldn’t know if the cartel that dropped them off might come back to them then they’re in your house. The same with any of the other illegal immigrants that have criminal records. I’m sure the American people don’t want to have that happen to their family members or their house.

  10. Boy, I surely hope we take both houses in 2022. With senile old pervert Biden with not even a nite light on upstairs and California’s communist Kamala Ho, America is hurting. Kamala is just pure dumb, she is not a leader! With these two supposedly at helm, we are the laughing stock of the world! Biden stated his administration is diversified, but none of them have any brains. Obama has a replacement like him, I think she is representing a NATO. She goes abroad and starts bad mouthing America. If this black woman hates us soooo much, she needs to go back to Africa. She wouldn’t not have had a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of!

  11. I agree 100%. I want to say God Bless You to Julia Letlow, for taking on the, role of helping to save America, in her husbands place. I’m so sorry for your tragic loss and for the loss of your children’s father. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  12. She held a position with a college in Louisiana as executive to the president with the ability to raise funds and acceptable to all populations and citizens within the State. Washington should be on their toes as she is a force to work in an honest and non political way. Look for her to be in US Senate one day.

  13. Praying…..Is Not Going to Help…… The Republicans – JUST HAVE TO GET SOME SPINE AND THE OLE BACKBONE…..So, They Do What is Needed to Regain
    Both Houses…….The Democrats are just destroying this Country, due to they are So Blooming Smart on How to BE DUMB.!!!

    1. Never say prayer will not help….. If you ever prayed & turned the situation over to God Almighty you would totally know the power of God. I have had several major challenges as well as some smaller challenges and turned them over God. He always answers in His timetable & with His solutions . Trust God !

  14. I Pray for Biden-Harris along with Pelosi to be Impeached Immediately and Removed from our White House and Capitol.
    They are a Disgrace to our America. The World is Laughing at us 😮 because they know we have no Leader whatsoever 🤯.
    They have broken their Oath’s to Protect America and it’s People. They have broken our Constitution Immigrantion Law’s and the Illegal’s.
    Also they have committed Treason. If this doesn’t call for Impeachment, then I don’t know what to think 🤔.

    1. I feel exactly as you. I am ELATED! I hope that Nancy is kicked out of office. She feels that SHE has more rights than she does and can override the President. Well, I am glad to tell you Nancy, but your power is NOT that much. Come down to size 7 go home. We are tired of your demanding others around & deciding what will happen. We are not dumb as your constituents are that keep voting you in to office with out thought of how LONGGGGGGG you have been in here & how poorly you do at you job. We want you OUT!

  15. If we don’t replace 100% of the criminal demorats the United States is going to be in big trouble. We need to be praying there will not be fraud and corruption in the election of 2022!!!!

    1. Well we just need to make sure that these elections are very closely monitored 24 hrs a day. And to make sure every vote is legally entered into the records. Have as many observers as possible all with video recorders. We cannot allow a rerun of the 2020 election fraud.

  16. I can only hope and pray that the GOP is able to gain more seats in both houses during the mid-term elections

    1. Julie Letlow..God Bless you and your family first! Your husband sees you from Heaven, we will stand behind you and support you! My family ..helped to found this great country..thank you for your love of the USA and your willingness to move forward to support yours and your husbands dreams and commitment to the values of the USA! He is with you and we are as well! Stay safe and well! Best Wishes! God bless your children.. I truly believe he will look over them! Gail S. Miner Fischer! Lakeville/ Windham, CT.

      1. May God Bless America and the American people. We can do nothing without JESUS
        Keep your eyes on him. America we are one country and one people. There is no room for prejudice.

    2. God help us all. This Administration is destroying our country. Its the most corrupt agenda I have ever seen.

    3. Amen! Pray like never before, people. God is moving throughout the country. Why do you think we are being shown all of this?!

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