Arresting Trump is being openly discussed by Dems, media

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that the media and the Democrats are very intentional about coordinating their talking points. Once something has been mentioned in the media, it’s sure to show up on the Democratic agenda shortly thereafter.

That’s why it’s so newsworthy that top media and Democratic party members have begun openly discussing the arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports on a conversation between Michigan’s Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer and journalist Steve Friess, in which Whitmer says:

“Uh, Steve, what am I gonna do? Arrest the president of the United States?” When I reply with a deadpan grin, “It’d be fun to watch,” she emits a real guffaw and takes a few seconds to be amused by the mental image before bringing herself back to the point.

“The governor claimed she was “being facetious” about the prospect of arresting a U.S. president for violating her mandates, but added, “one of the things that’s been hard throughout 2020 is people always want to know, what is the enforcement? What is the punishment? How do we make everyone do the right thing?””

The exchange is revealing, in that it shows the incestuous relationship between the media and Democrats who have the power to imprison their political opponents, but need the “go-ahead” from “journalists” to get away with it.

Make no mistake – the Democrats are actively trying to find ways to lock up President Trump. They’re that afraid of him.

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  1. Hello 😉 Thanks heaps for this indeed!… if anyone else has anything, it would be much appreciated. Great website Just wanted to say thanks and keep doing what you’re doing Thx & Regards!

  2. I sorry, but, Jesus said no such thing. When Jesus died on calvary’s cross, one of His statements was, “It is finished. ” Therefore, His work was completed, there was nothing more to do or to say. It is all in the scripture of the Holy Bible.

  3. Wow , have you ever seen a group of people , as the Marxist / Communist Liberals , so full of Hate and Scared to Death of One Man as they are . Its too the point of Menal Insanity at just the thought of Donald Trump for all of them . Instead of running our country , which their elected for in the first place , here they are on year 5 still trying to impeach former President Trump . There the ones that need attending to , seems to me all of the idoits need to be , in the ” Mentally Insane Asylum High Security Unit ” , for Trumps and our Safety . What a bunch of ” Chickdn Squats ” the demonrats truly are , thats a fact !!

  4. So now the democommies AND the lamestream media propaganda machine want to start taking “political prisoners”, just as so many third world banana republics do; Russia still does it, even tho’ communism fell, there, in 1989. And of course, we have Iran, UAE, Red China, North Korea and Cuba, who still do it. So what does that tell you about the so-called democrat party, in the USA? And people wonder “why” I call them democommies; by the way, their “dear leader” IS a full blown communist herself – – none other than the misplaced Speaker of the US House of Representatives – -comrade nancy pelosi. Her following includes MORE THAN 80 members, throughout the Halls of Congress.

    Back in the 1950’s, Senator Joseph McCarthy was not allowed to finish his work; he had started, earnestly weeding out the communist traitors among us; he was getting too close for comfort, so he was censured and driven out of Congress and continuously shamed, blamed, attacked and hounded, until the day he died. America needs another Joseph McCarthy and President Donald John Trump is IT; that is WHY the democommies are scared to death of him and will not stop their shenanigans until they “put him down”, OR until WE PUT THEM DOWN- – AND OUT!!

  5. In a way it seems funny that the democrats are so afraid of President Trump, but it is also very scary that this is happening to this nation. The people who come up with this hare brained ideas are the ones who need to locked up. This getting to be very discussing and the democrats should read the Constitution and follow it it


  7. Criminal, disgusting filth! These loathsome beings will not escape GOD’s eye, nor HIS justice. GOD will vindicate righteousness. President Trump will be vindicated!!!

  8. Trump is the BEST president that we have ever had in the White House. Democrates are crazy. Trump is VERY smart and he is letting the Democrates and Republicans hang them- self . I hope and pray that Trump will be our President once again. We need to fire all of congress–they are not working for us –they are only working for them-self . Please pray for Trump and his family every day. We need this man as our President.

  9. Every day the Democrats prove that they are CRAZY!!!! They need a straight jacket & a ride to a padded cell! Dear Lord please stop the evil people who are suppose to be running our county as soon as possible!!

  10. These liberal democrats are insane. Everyone of them I think needs to be given a mental examination! I have never in my lifetime seen people so totally crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dems are totally out of control. They better expect that they may get what they wish for. There are many sealed indictments from the Durham report. Could be Karma will hit them in the butt.

  12. More liberal transference. They know their actions will eventually land them in prison so, they’re talking up for the opposition first as usual. Exactly one indited for election fraud will be sufficient to induce silence among all of them.

    1. Trummp is so much in the heads of the demonrats that they can’t live without the opiumm he has created in them. Their hatred is so intense they just dont know what else to say!!! They can’t live wthout him.
      not biden. not obama, not any of the donkeys will ever get the publicity Donald J Trump has and is getting and the more they hate him, the MORE WE LOVE HIM! SAVE AMERICA MR. PRESIDENT!
      USA USA USA!

  13. If President TRUMP was arrested and imprisoned, where he will be confined at would be found

    and all of the hell that will be reigned down on his captors would be enormous and their sentencing

    would be US Justified

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

    1. HA !!!!! I can see it now. 500+ rows of heavily armed pro-Trumpers surrounding Trump’ s home ready to repel whoever is dumb enough (o.k…..the democrats) to come and try to arrect him ! Count on me. Just make sure I have enough ammo.

      1. DEMON RATS need to stop blaming Trump for what happened on Capitol Hill the Demon Rats paid people to do that then blamed Trump we all know the election was rigged by the low life Demon Rats

  14. The Democrats not only threaten to arrest our president, they have made unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Trump. And the host of MSNBC generally proposed to destroy Trump’s supporters with drones – Fascism in Amerikа ?

    1. People think I’m making this up, jesus christ himself appeared with his mother to 6 children in bosnia, jesus said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, jesus also said that a new government will be set up in a different state, look up mystic post

      1. I sorry, but, Jesus said no such thing. When Jesus died on calvary’s cross, one of His statements was, “It is finished. ” Therefore, His work was completed, there was nothing more to do or to say. It is all in the scripture of the Holy Bible.

    2. I love how the most corrupt politicians accuse conservatives of doing what they have already done. We sit and do nothing. The Michigan governor is the most corrupt and dangerous person in office

    3. We need to charge Biden with violation of the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Title 5, Chapter XVI, Sub chapter B, Part 2635, Subpart G regarding the use of public office for gain, for his recent plugging of Hunter’s book, AND ADD IN WHAT HE DID ON TAPE IN USING US FUNDS AS LEVERAGE TO GET A UKRAINIAN PROSECUTOR WHO WAS INVESTIGATING HUNTER FIRED! WE NEED TO MOVE FAST AS BIDEN HAS MADE IT CLEAR THAT THE DEMS WANT TO LABEL ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” HUNT US DOWN AND PURGE US PERMANENTLY FROM SOCIETY!

    4. “Good noW!”®,B”H. The drones they’ve got that work are the drones of their ongoing rhetoric, hysteria and self-adulation while Hoax after hoax after hoax, drones on and on and on .. to them that’s work! on & on & on .. GIF

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