Arresting Trump is being openly discussed by Dems, media

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that the media and the Democrats are very intentional about coordinating their talking points. Once something has been mentioned in the media, it’s sure to show up on the Democratic agenda shortly thereafter.

That’s why it’s so newsworthy that top media and Democratic party members have begun openly discussing the arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports on a conversation between Michigan’s Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer and journalist Steve Friess, in which Whitmer says:

“Uh, Steve, what am I gonna do? Arrest the president of the United States?” When I reply with a deadpan grin, “It’d be fun to watch,” she emits a real guffaw and takes a few seconds to be amused by the mental image before bringing herself back to the point.

“The governor claimed she was “being facetious” about the prospect of arresting a U.S. president for violating her mandates, but added, “one of the things that’s been hard throughout 2020 is people always want to know, what is the enforcement? What is the punishment? How do we make everyone do the right thing?””

The exchange is revealing, in that it shows the incestuous relationship between the media and Democrats who have the power to imprison their political opponents, but need the “go-ahead” from “journalists” to get away with it.

Make no mistake – the Democrats are actively trying to find ways to lock up President Trump. They’re that afraid of him.