Arizona Secretary of State says 96,000+ votes were fraudulent – enough to swing election

The Biden administration might have its work cut out for them to continue standing by their official statement that the 2020 presidential election was entirely fair and honest.

According to a report in The Conservative Brief, the Arizona audit of the 2020 election has Republicans calling for the election results to be decertified

Arizona Republican and former candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives, Liz Harris, spoke on what she believes to have been fraud while speaking on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast earlier this week.

Harris made the assertion that 96,389 votes came from addresses that could not have been valid residences for voters.

While these claims were not verified by anyone on the show, it was enough to catch the attention of Arizona Republican Candidate for Secretary of State Mark Finchem.

“WE MUST AUDIT AND CANVASS EVERYWHERE. This fraud has been going on a lot longer than 2020,” he said on Wednesday.

“I am calling it. Between the preliminary audit results and the private canvass, I call on Arizona to decertify the election of 2020 and recall the electors. There is already enough evidence to show clear and convincing fraud. We have a duty to act,” he said.

Finchem called for both a forensic audit of every county in Arizona and an “official canvass of the election” as well as the voter rolls in Arizona.

“Ghost votes, fantom votes 96,00+ from ‘mail-in’ votes extrapolated from Maricopa #’s. 1 Voter reports got a mail-in ballot every elec since ’12. Ballots returned but counted? How did that get into the system? Data shows while she kept the ballot, it was counted. Where is DOJ?” he said.