Arizona GOP goes to Supreme Court: ‘We found the evidence”

Arizona Republicans aren’t giving up the fight – in fact, they say that have evidence of voter fraud thay they’re taking to the US Supreme Court.

Breitbart reports:

The Arizona Republican Party, led by chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward, announced on Friday it is appealing its election integrity case, taking it to the U.S. Supreme Court after the Arizona Supreme Court dismissed the case.

“Our case is going to the Supreme Court of the United States,” Ward announced on Friday, expressing hope that it will be expedited and noting that, if accepted, they will only be the third 2020 presidential election case accepted by the highest court in the land:

Ward put it this way:

It is unconstitutional for us not to have due process, which is time to be able to make a case, do discovery, and hold an entire hearing. The judge set unrealistic deadlines. He believed he had to have his case out of his hands by December 8. Well, that only gave us three days to examine up to three million ballots, which we all know is impossible. And in Arizona, it’s interesting because for over 100 years, we’ve had to file an election contest the day after the election is certified. So that gives us only eight days to do the entire job that we need to do, and everyone knows that it’s not enough time to do the job in a case that’s important as choosing our next president. So this is going to go to the Supreme Court.

“The media loves to say, ‘Show us the evidence.’ We found evidence, but then, we didn’t have enough time to do more discovery because they kept that evidence locked up,” Ward said.

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