Arizona Democrat found dead in Death Valley National Park

On Friday, 32-year-old Alexander Lofgren, who works as an aide to Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), was found deceased after he went missing with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Emily Henkel, in Death Valley National Park in California, according to The Hill.  

Henkel was still alive when the two were located by authorities and was transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment.

The tragic news was announced by the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office via their Facebook page, in which they indicated that the young couple was finally located by use of aerial reconnaissance near the Willow Creek area of the park. The search was initiated shortly after the two missed their return date of April 4.

What prompted the urgency of the search was a note left on a car driven by the couple, which was found broken down with flat tires on Gold Valley Road, close to Death Valley National Park. The note, which authorities credited as extremely useful in their search, said “Two flat tires, headed to Mormon Point, have three days’ worth of water.”

“This has been a tremendously difficult operation in a very unforgiving geographic area of Inyo County, I sincerely hope for healing and recovery for all involved,” said Inyo County Sheriff Jeff Hollowell in a final press release.

Lofgren and Henkel were described as capable, experienced campers and Lofgren was known for camping in remote areas that were not designated camping areas. He reportedly packed food and water, as well as other supplies for the trip.

As of this writing, Henkel’s condition is still unknown and the cause of death for Lofgren hasn’t been reported. Rep. Grijalva, Lofgren’s boss, issued a heartfelt statement on Friday mourning his death and praising the work he completed in his office.

Lofgren was hired in 2019 through Grijalva’s Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program and was employed as a caseworker in the Arizona lawmaker’s district office.

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  1. If he was a caseworker how can he be called a top democrat, though I am sorry that he died in the desert

  2. GOOD, was just a “dumbed down” democRAT…..ONE DOWN, hopefully MORE to come, wished they’d ALL go out to Death Valley, seems like a VERY GOOD place to be – hang out……

  3. Re: Jay Hackett above,
    Beginning in Year 2000, I took a job that sent me to ASIA, HONG KONG AND Main land CHINA as a manufacturing support person for the company I worked for. Hong Kong was very Chinese but with English subtitles. China was without English subtitles. Every where I went I was treated like a long lost brother. The Chinese people were wonderful. These travels lasted until 2009 when I left the company. My Mandarin was very limited. Finding an English speaker in Hong Kong was pretty easy maybe one in ten had enough English to help me. Mainland China was a different story maybe one in a hundred.
    In both places people came forward to help me when I got lost and started looking at my map.. I was invited to have dinner with my China Factory’s Interface Engineer family. I met her, her daughter, her husband, and her mother who lived with them (Not uncommon in China). The meal was very good (Southern Chinese cooking just like most Chinese Restaurants in the USA).
    A fine time was had by all. I expected that to go well. I was not expecting to be invited back the next week to have another dinner personally cooked for me by her mother who spoke NO! English.
    I implore you, do not conflate the CCP government with the Chinese People.

  4. but he was just an aide
    come on GOD send the Angels of Death (AOD) to the demorats in the house and senta.
    We need 25 dead in the house and 5 in the senate, so GOP will take back both houses
    1st order of business is dual impeach of Biden and Harris (you know MIA), impeachment in 2 weeks and full removal.
    New GOP Speaker of the house will then select the POTUS, and that will be POTUS TRUMP and VP Pence.
    1st thing then POTUS will have a full election in 2022 for office of POTUS.
    2nd thing, full funding of the wall, immediate removal of very ILLEGAL ALIEN from the USA, including DACA
    USA to adopt the strictest Immigration laws at once using Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You cross out borders illegally, you will be fingerprinted, photographed and microchipped gps, and taken right back to Mexico city. Come across 2nd time you will be shot dead
    Any monies Biden gives to bribe officials in other countries to stop illegals from coming up USA, USA will recover those monies.
    Mexico is put on notice, they do not stop illegals from entering their nation on their way to USA or Mexico Illegals, Mexico will be BOMBED starting at the presidential palace in Mexico city. USA will also bar all US citizens from entering and returning from Mexico.

  5. Sorry to hear about the hiker dining, but I think it would have made more sense to stay with the vehicle

  6. As I read the comments of this board I can say that I truly understand where most are coming from given all that has happened since 2015. The thing to remember is that we do have a FIRST Amendment presently. For how much longer, no one knows. I hope that the “Bill or Rights, the first 10 Amendments lives FOREVER. But I know that the Left is purely focused on changing everything to help them in their quest for perpetual rule.

    So I am NOT at all surprised by the comments on this and other boards. I hope that people can continue to “VENT” and that others take a deep look into why people take such stands. One could say that “it is easy to see many of these people have HAD ENOUGH” and it is understandable.

    Now what can we do as a collective group to change all of this WITHOUT getting into violent conflicts? We may need to reserve that energy for the CCP when they move to take over Taiwan and most of the Pacific. Australia, Japan, The Philippines, South Korea and Indonesia are all worried about what the CCP has planned for Taiwan. I will not lump China in with the CCP as I’ve visited China numerous times since 1997 and witnessed the CCP transform that country. There are two general (major) groups, those that are full tilt CCP and in support of and those that are just plain folks that want to survive. Those that want to survive are deathly afraid of the “Full Tilt CCP members and their supporters”. The CCP group is not the majority of the country but it is the most literate, well trained, financially able and powerful of the two groups. How to cleanly separate the two, that is the corundum but it is also the being of peace if the survivors somehow manage to over come and control the “Full Tilt CCP members and their supporters”. So please be knowledgeable that some Chinese are on our side.

  7. To gloat over the death of another person is sickening. I guess that this proves that democrats are not the only ones who gloat over other people dying. That is a shame. I would have like to think that we would have done better.

  8. And we care why. Another worthless democrat. If that had been a republican it wouldn’t have made the news.

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      yup. these bleeding hearts on these comments are either liberals or too damn stupid to understand that the democrats are destroying american for their own profit.

  9. To gloat over a dead insect pest is acceptable. To gloat over the death of a fellow human is not.

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      sure it is . You are just a bleeding heart fool. He was probably part of the Arizona democrat voter fraud scheme and was going to admit it.

      After all 130% of democrats in Arizona voted and 130% of the votes from democrats were for biden. That is not even a little fishy to you?

      That level of sleazy underhanded scum deserves death.

  10. now they acting that fast on a missing child find missing children that would be great but I can see that if you’re in some kind of political b******* they come right after looking for you ASAP but if you’re a child missing you got to wait 24 to 48 hours why not make a damn Democrat wait 48 hours to be found

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      heck if it is a missing liberal, democrat, progressive they should just forget about them. there is no loss to society when a liberal, democrat, progressive goes missing.

      In fact it would be better if they all went missing.

      really they all should just off themselves after all they need to save the environment for the evil humans you know.

  11. Article says he was working with the wounded vet program. Could he have been one of them and maybe he had a medical condition or something. Just trying to make sense of it. Seems odd as he was a vet himself and an experienced camper. Something seems missing here.

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      I am just glad he is a dead democrat. i wish there had been 3 or 4 million more right next to him.

      1. I totally agree that there are missing pieces. He was found alive and then he died? Prolly gave him a covid vaccine asap!

  12. You are so immature and ugly to be glad of this death. Talk about prejudice, because of a persons political stance? If you said this about a person of color what do you think would happen, this is just as dispicable. Hate is hate

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      I wish there would have been a whole gigantic tour group of democrats out there baking in the sun. There are no good democrats or liberals.

      Immaturity is a sloppy bleeding heart who can not see the enemy clearly. I n a war you would be the first to die Mary. This is a war. the liberals and democrats want conservatives dead or in prison. Perhaps your goal is to have them put a chain aroudn you neck and force you on your knees to pleasure them.

      A good democrat is a dead democrat.

  13. Breaking news “Top democrat found dead”. Really, a top democrat? Since when is an aide a “top democrat”? In fact, unless you’re from Arizona, nobody has ever heard of this guy.

  14. Not all conservatives feel the way these persons listed here. To be happy about ANY person’s death is SICK!
    All persons deserve respect no matter what their politics are.
    I pray for them AND the deceased and pray his friend pulls through. I also hope their families
    May find comfort in the fact that at least they tried to save themselves and what they did do helped the authorities to locate them.
    B. R.

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      Real conservatives do. your just a liberal so you have no clue how conservatives feel.

      After all they are dead so they get to go talk to god right. Of course being a democrat they are going straight to hell which is what they deserve.

  15. Didn’t one of the profits say there would be 2 deaths in government? One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Big things are happening in our country and I feel like the truth will all come out very soon.

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      don;t bank on it. Biden is the most corrupt we have ever seen. the democrat party had to get rid of trump because he was not a life long corrupt politician. now all the liberal, democrat secrets are getting covered up again.

  16. I am a republican to the bone but I don’t feel good about young Democrats being killed, it’s still a life yet to be lived.
    Please think about that before making stupid statements!!

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      don;t care glad he is gone. now we need a bunch more liberals, democrats to go for a walk in death valley.

    1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

      me too there should have been another couple million right next to him.

      1. I like the way you think. I hope Biden suffers from a lingering, painful illness and dies a horrible death.

  17. ANOTHER DEAD DUMPACRAP………………………….WONDERFUL NEWS !I hope Joe Biden is next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. More hate doesn’t help this country come together. I am a Republican that doesn’t like what is happening in the country but to continue to spread hate doesn’t make sense.

      1. The only good democrat is a dead democrat. i hope they find another 50,000 death in death valley and anyone who supposes them or provides cover for them right next to them.

        The liberals, democrat, progressives have cuased so much damage and spread so many lies they can all drop over dead and the world will be better for it.


        2. This is totally deplorable and disgusting!!! I am a Republican and I pray for comfort for the family.

      2. I am totally with you, and I am appalled by the comment above yours. What an awful way to regard ANY death.

        1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

          kill them all let god sort them out.

      3. you must be a rino return justice to american people and the stolen election maybe we can talk BESIDES WE HAVE BEEN SILENCE AND HUNTED NOW IT IS THE DEMOCRATS TURN. MEDIA MUST FALL FIRST

      4. I’m sure you felt the same way during the four years of hate for the Trump administration. I say what is good for the goose is better for the gander. When you start to get soft just because you want to prove you’re the better person, the bad guys see it as a weekness and they double down.

      5. Consider this Joyce. As a conservative I hate an despise the entirety of the Demon-rat Party. And why might I say that. It’s simple The Demon-rat party has for 2 centuries now attempted to destroy am semblance of morals honor families an freedoms. Therefore for you or others to deny the value of returning hatred. Makes you out to be a fool ,enslaved to ignorance.

      1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

        I just wish they would have found another couple million democrats / liberals / progressives right next to him.



      1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

        all democrats lie all the time. Biden is probably the biggest lair to ever walk through the white house and given Adam Schiff has been to the white house that is saying a lot.

      2. So you’re grateful for mean, hateful responses to someone’s tragedy…. you are as sickening as the other guy.

        1. Briben Biden and the bridenettes are complete scum. There is nothign they will not destroy including your life. says:

          absolutely. A dead democrat is a good democrat.

          1. …just to be fair, there are some Republicans who would also fall into that category and would brighten my day as well.

      3. You did not understand Biden’s message when he spoke of unity he meant unity with communist China not unity in America he basically committed treason but our government has so far not taken any action against the Biden administration our government is letting us down

    3. We can only hope and pray that God intervenes these demons that has swindled their way into government positions.

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