Arizona Dem arrested on sexual abuse charges against teen, colleagues demand resignation

Not long ago, he was a rising star among Democrats. Now, Arizona State Sen. Tony Navarrete (D) is facing serious legal consequences for his alleged actions and his future in politics is all but over.

According to Fox News, the state senator was recently arrested after he was charged with sexual misconduct with teenage boys. He allegedly abused one young teen boy for years and attempted to abuse another. As a result of his troubling situation, Navarrete’s Democratic colleagues have called for his resignation from office. 

According to police, Navarrete allegedly abused a teen boy that he was living with, allegations which he seemed to confirm in a telephone call with the teen, as police listened in.

When the victim, who is now 16, asked Navarrete why he abused him, the 35-year-old state senator admitted to the teen boy that he “wasn’t well” at the time of the abuse.

On Friday, the Arizona Democratic Party released a statement in which it made a clear request of Navarrete: Resign immediately.

“While everyone in this country is entitled to a fair trial, elected officials must be held to the highest ethical standards,” the statement read. “Given the gravity of the felony charges against State Senator Tony Navarrete, the Arizona Democratic Party is calling for his immediate resignation.”

Arizona House Democrats released a similar statement in the wake of Navarrete’s arrest, indicating that the entirety of Democrats in the state legislature demand he give up his elected position.

With virtually all of his colleagues and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) calling for Navarrete’s resignation, it’s likely only a matter of time before his days in politics are over. If convicted on the charges he faces, Navarrete could spend a mandatory minimum sentence of 49 years behind bars.