Arizona ballots under audit reported safe amid leak at review site

As an audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona continues to pursue allegations of vote fraud, the safety of the ballots under review was in question in recent days, as heavy rain in the area caused a leak in the facility where they are being kept, though reports now indicate the documents are not at risk, according to the Washington Examiner.

Serious thunderstorms and downpours resulted in four building leaks at the Wesley Bolin Building, the site where auditors are examining ballots from the highly controversial 2020 presidential contest, with the trouble spots being linked to ceiling duct work of the metal-roofed exhibit hall at the state fairgrounds.

Fortunately, quick-acting staffers moved boxes containing ballots out of the danger zone and took the extra step of covering them with tarps. According to audit spokesperson Randy Pullen, “no ballots are at risk,” as the Arizona Republic noted.

As the Republic further explained, the review of the 2020 election was relocated to the structure in question when the GOP-controlled state Senate’s lease for the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, another building on the fairgrounds site, expired.

According to Pullen, management staff at the fairgrounds were immediately notified of the situation, and he added that the leaks could be repaired quickly due to their isolated and easily identifiable nature.

The audit in Maricopa County got underway on April 23 of this year, and has already continued long past its planned end date of May 14, the Examiner noted, and while auditors had suggested that the process could be complete by summer’s end, recent testimony before the state Senate indicated that things could drag out even further if new information requests require subpoenas to secure cooperation.

Though there has been substantial criticism of the Maricopa County audit in recent months, it has revealed issues that many on the Republican side of the aisle feel are real cause for concern. According to reporting from Just the News, an audit liaison to the Arizona Senate recently revealed that the probe has found “potentially thousands” of problems related to the matching of serial numbers on ballots that had to be duplicated prior to tabulation due to damage sustained by the documents themselves.

Long convinced that the state of Arizona was erroneously and prematurely put into the win column for Joe Biden on Election Night, former President Donald Trump responded to a recent Senate proceeding at which the aforementioned liaison testified, saying, “The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes, or many times what is necessary for us to have won.”

Though it remains unclear whether the probe in Arizona or investigations in any of the other states Trump claims were plagued by widespread fraud will ultimately produce evidence of outcome-determinative issues, it is at least good news that the integrity of the Maricopa County ballots was not in fact compromised by recent weather events, and the process can continue.