‘Any day now’: Biden’s White House warns of imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine

The situation brewing on the border between Ukraine and Russia continues to intensify, as President Joe Biden and his delegates have repeatedly failed in their attempts to deescalate the situation.

According to the Daily Mail, Biden’s White House has officially warned that “any day now,” Russian President Vladimir Putin could given the orders to invade its neighbor, as the country continues to add military resources, including troops and vital equipment, to the frontlines of what could be a nasty fight. 

“We’re in the window where something could happen that is a military escalation and invasion of Ukraine can happen at any time,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said during a Sunday interview.

Adding more gas to the fire were comments made by the president on Sunday, in which he accused Putin of asking for what “he cannot get” with regard to any negotiations to ratchet down the situation.

Some of those demands from Russia include assurance that Ukraine, and other former Soviet Bloc countries, be permanently banned from ever joining the military alliance known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Additional concerns were raised in the past 72 hours or so, as a contingent of some 3,000 U.S. troops were deployed to various Eastern European, NATO-friendly countries. Many have criticized the move as unnecessary, given that 3,000 troops in the face of a full-on Russian invasion wouldn’t make a dent in any defense efforts.

Many critics of the troop deployment are asking why Biden so quickly sent our troops to Europe when there’s an actual invasion happening at the southern U.S. border.

“We had 2000 Russians and 300 Ukrainians cross our border in December. This decision is the neocons and Dems distraction from domestic issues. Obama troop surge 2.0. If we are going to send troops anywhere why not send them to secure our southern border!” wrote one Twitter user.

Only time will tell if Putin pulls the trigger on an invasion, but if that ends up happening, all eyes will immediately shift to the United States president and his response. It’s a long shot, but let’s hope and pray he doesn’t mess it up as he has most every other foreign policy issue.