Antifa is on the rampage in Portland – citizens terrorized

If you thought that Antifa terrorists were going to leave us alone just because America elected Biden, you’re in for a rude awakening.

The truth is, they can’t be bought off. They want a revolution and a violent one at that.

Big League Politics reports:

Portland ANTIFA engaged the second major violent riot event of Joe Biden’s presidency on Saturday night, with members of the street terror organizations terrorizing small businesses and inflicting mass vandalism on property throughout Portland’s Pearl District.

Roads were totally shut down by armed Antifa militants, who utilized stones and sticks against the citizens that opposed their activities.

And if you think the police in liberal cities will save you, think again.

As BLP notes: “‘Polite’ liberals have quietly hoped that the criminal gang would fade into the shadows with the ‘bad orange man’ out of the picture, no longer useful for anti-Trump street actions in the notoriously leftist Oregon city. Feckless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler finally denounced the left-wing terror group in January, urging stricter criminal penalties for Antifa’s violent actions. It remains to be seen in Antifa will return in force in summer 2021, when national riot movements tend to reach the pinnacle of the yearly strength. However, the ongoing presence of street riots in late February intends the leftist miscreants don’t intend to disappear quietly.”

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  1. it’s time to take the streets back just do as other countries do open fire on the ones throwing rocks and bricks and frozen water bottles the Antifa and the BLM gangs are just out to start trouble they need to be stopped

  2. I don’t care as long as they stay OUT of Florida, If they are near me I will shoot to kill with head shots.

  3. Well you defund the police and put the money into social programs, what else would you expect

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