Antifa breaks out in rioting despite Biden’s call for “unity”

If you thought that electing Biden would bring “unity” and end left-wing protests, you were naive and wrong. And if you think that the media is going to cover left-wing riots, you’re even more naive and wrong.

On the very day that Biden was inaugurated, and CNN and MSNBC breathlessly covered Biden as the “healing” president, far-left protesters rioted in major cites, destroying federal property, and vowing to keep rioting until they get what they want.

And the media is freaking out about conservatives, calling them domestic terrorists.

Fox reports:

President Biden was officially sworn in on Wednesday, but riots of the kind that had been blamed on Trump erupted anyway, damaging property and federal buildings.

Police departments in Portland and Seattle reported damage as a result of gatherings near federal buildings, while anti-fascist protesters burned American flags in Denver.

The riots took place on the same day as Biden’s Inauguration, which bore an “America United” theme.

We’re entering a dangerous phase in American history, where widely-prevalent left-wing violence is condoned by the media and the government, and conservatives are subjected to a dangerous double standard.

Antifa is getting more brazen too. As Fox reports: “about 150 rioters in Portland damaged the Democratic Party headquarters on Wednesday.”

“Some in the group of about 150 people smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols at the political party building. Police said eight arrests were made in the area. Some demonstrators carried a sign reading, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!” in response to “police murders” and “imperialist wars.” Others carried a banner declaring “We Are Ungovernable.”

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