Antifa attacks federal buildings and political opponents – left is silent

The media is gleefully covering the disgraceful attack on the capitol building 24/7 because it makes conservatives and President Trump look bad. But they’re not covering other disgraceful acts by Antifa, because it would make Dems look bad.

That’s emboldening Antifa, and they’re taking advantage.

Fox News reports:

Dozens of black-clad demonstrators swarmed a trio of federal buildings in the City of Brotherly Love on Thursday night, according to police. The buildings included the Robert Nix Building and other federal facilities.

Police also recovered “numerous Molotov cocktails,” Philadelphia police Chief Inspector Mike Cram said in the aftermath, according to local media.

Where is the breathless reporting of “insurrection” and “riots”? Where are the Democrat politicians being forced to disavow the actions of Antifa? Why aren’t left-wingers being banned from Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon?

In San Diego, Antifa thugs attacked a pro-Trump demonstration. According to Breitbart:

An Antifa group armed with a baseball bat, bottles, and chemical sprays attacked a group of Trump supporters at a demonstration in San Diego. Antifa also threw glass bottles, rocks, and eggs at a line of police officers attempting to maintain order.

A video tweeted by Fox5’s Paul Makarushka shows a large group of Antifa counter-protesters attempting to surround a group of Trump supporters. One man is seen waving an Antifa flag over the head of one of the Trump supporters. Another can be seen wielding a baseball bat.

When thugs attacked the Capitol building, we at Main Street Gazette condemned it as a shamefully un-American act that discredited and weakened President Trump and the conservative movement. But will the left-wing media do the same with Antifa? Clearly not.

The media is the enemy of the people.

Read the full story here and here.

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    1. Big Tech takes Parler off the air. How can these guys do this?? Feds need to step in and do something to regulate this injustice! Conservative news is taking a big hit. Boths sides need to express themselves and the media is reporting nothing about it. This is what we can expect for the next 4 years!!!


      1. Why would the American people….whatever your politics not be concerned about what is happening with this censoring of conservative people. This is America and we all have 1st amendment rights. It could be you next. We need to stand up as Americans to end all this and vote out all the radicals or our COUNTRY WILL BE GONE!!!!

        1. You’re spot on and it’s going to get worse. It’s hard to believe this is happening in our country. Many of these politicians and media people should be in jail. I don’t understand how people can lie with such impunity and get away with their crimes.

      2. Diane, BINGO – You nailed it – Ignoring the riotor’s (ANTIFA and BLM) actions and killings, telling them to ‘kill police and white people’ is indeed a conspiracy against American’s and our Nation – It went too far when they rigged the election and refuse to acknowledge the fraud (the straw that broke the camel’s back) drove Conservatives to the brink… NOW, they blame Trump while ANTIFA wages war throughout America. Conservative have been ‘forced’ to raid our Capitol – Yet, two wrongs don’t make a right and it’s going to take a civil war to end the “Swamp Thing’s” terms! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, war has been enacted as President Trump was elected in 2016 and Obama, along with his counterpart colleagues made sure of it! Look at Baltimore and all the riots he and the Obama Administration condoned, history tells all!!


    3. Antifa off the leach because they were at the Capital undetected. Were able to blame Trump Supporters and Trump. Believe the Democrats supported Antifa that day to destroy Trump and supporters.
      So if you can get away with something you keep doing it till your stopped. Democrats will never stop Antifa till it stops helping them.

      1. Exactly ! Now Arrest The Demoncrap Polititians, Pelosi, Schumer, Swalwell, Shift, Waters, AOC, Excetra ! Demand they be removed.

      2. Yes we all know the demon Democrats don’t like anybody who can’t be bought for their own benefit and the people were dumb enough to put them back in office Trump did more for the country in 4 years then any president we’ve had for years

        1. Yes it is disgraceful, we are living in sad times when the media doesn’t want the American people to speak out,We the people have a voice, I don’t believe in violence , but I don’t think the people that broke in the capital building were the ones that come to support President Trump, I think the group antifa were were brought in and were payed to do a terrible act ,they burnt down cities , people need to pray for our Country, Thank you President Trump for the last four years and the promises you kept , Let’s pray too our Lord and Savior for our families and our Country.

    4. Democrats and some Republicans were planning this for years to over throw Trump . They blame him for no reason . It is American freedom to protest peacefully . It is freedom of speech. The president didn’t order or encourage them to brake the Capitol Hill . I am very disappointed by some Republican who have no back bone to defend their President. I never thought American governments act or want communism. It seems we are heading that way no freedom of speech what els?

  1. This country has become ONE BIG COVER UP FOR THE LEFT! Biggest disappointment is the Supreme ct & all judges who refused to address this fraudulent STOLEN ELECTION!!! Watch as the left destroys this country & our constitution 🥲🥲🥲🥲we the ppl r now without a party!

    1. I agree! the fake news keeps saying ‘trumps unproven alligations’ how can you prove it in a court of law when you can’t be heard?

      1. If you don’t look for fraud you won’t find it, and if you don’t find it, you don’t have to do anything about it. This is the path our Supreme Court has chosen to take. We are in trouble.

        1. The Supreme court is the one with blood on its hands ,they are the ones that should have been involved in these cases .They are suppose to make sure the constitution is followed . Supreme court do your JOB !

    2. You are so right I don’t know how to stand up to them in my 84 years I have never seed anything so disgraceful as what Nancy Pissolie and the Dems are doing have they completely lost their minds I don’t know what is going to happen but I do know this IT AIN’T GONNA BE GOOD

      1. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have lost their collective minds and need to be put in a loony bin. Nancy Pelosi is in her 80’s and should remove herself from the House. In my estimation, that won’t happen. She thinks she has more power than the President. Now we have Joe Biden. He’s an empty suit and will do whatever the Democrat want him to do. Soon we will be controlled by China. President Trump laid bare what the SWAMP was doing and they have done everything they could to remove him. Then they decided in order to remove him, they would need to have him lose the November election. I still don’t know how Sleepy Joe got more votes than his former boss Barack Husein Obama? Someone needs to explain that one to me.

        1. In my opinion, this whole damn mess is because we have liberal judges(corrupt?) that have legislated from the bench. Ruled changes in state voter laws were legal without going through the legislatures! The courts – district, state and federal, including the US Supreme court – are now controlling our elections! If this isn’t a ‘coup’, I don’t know what is. They were all in on this organized, criminal endeavor to refuse to hear evidence of voter fraud!

        2. Have faith Rich! Trump is going to Drain the Swamp and much more! One of Trump’s promises was to Drain the Swamp. He hasn’t let us down in his promises.

      2. They haven’t suddenly lost their minds. They always WERE crazy, power-mad COMMUNISTS in the making. They just didn’t have the power to show their true faces before now.

    3. You r so right! Voter fraud, attacks on Capitol building by white supremacists, BLM, Sullivan, DC rioters who stirred up the peaceful protest!! ANYONE involved with the destruction on Wed was wrong but majority there were peaceful as President Trump has ONLY supporters n always against violence! This was a setup!!! Pelosi u r a disgrace!!! U r caught behind this setup!

    4. We need to stop these people and take back our Country.If it means war then so be it if we don’t do something now the Dems will control us. So lets stop this BS now before it is to late.

  2. These are Biden’s stormtroopers! He knows how to use them from his experience with the Fascist Militias in Kiev, ‘Aidar’ and ‘Asov’ are their old names from the time when their idol Stepan Bandera collaborated with Hitler’s SS and did 80% of the Holocaust in Ukraine for them. In 2014, they collaborated with Obama, Biden, and Nuland – and we know what happened (it was not the police! as the Parliament Commission found out)

    1. The people who voted for biden are getting what they deserve, but I can personally tell you, it’s not going to stay this way and these people are going to be dealt with in no uncertain terms.

  3. As per usual nothing is said about who is responsible for Antifa although I have my suspicions.The Democrats aren’t saying anything because they hate Trump & want to discredit him but it will backfire on them BIG time.Pelosi is going ahead with impeachment against Trump to stop him from being re-elected but the truth will come out if the Democrats are guilty of insurrection

      1. You can’t arrest Soros, Obama and the Clintons when they run the FBI. Well organized hit team will be the only way to end their day…

  4. I am edited out every time I respond folks you wish to answer or respond unless it fits the sites agenda you to will be refused. Not once a cuss word either and still refused my point of view!

    1. this is going to happen every time because of the dems and this is just the tip of the ice burg give him a couple of years and they are already talking about the 2nd amendment THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR GUNS or there will be a revaluation like no one has ever seen and it makes me so sad to think we are supposed to be a free country we are if we stay in our house and do say any thing or do anything that is against them sounds like Hitler doesn’t it

  5. Nothing more pathetic than a weak, whimpy, Biden trying to act like a tough guy. He’s a frail old man who couldn’t hurt a fly.

  6. All the morons who voted for Biden, Pelosi, Harris the horrible, Will rue the day. The election was so blatantly stolen. However the DemocRATs refuse to even check into it. Antifa is just great. God help us all.

  7. All this is a put up job by Pelosi and the Democrats. They know that the people of the US are finally seeing the true picture. Should Trump decide to run in 2024 the only way they can prevent it and they know this is the time to do it because of the do nothing McConnell and Graham and the rest of the Republicans like my Senator Mike Crapo. Why are they not going after the dems, call your Senator or Representatives see if you can get an answer before it’s too late.

  8. It dont matter if trump dont run Ted will or Trump JR will no world order and Bill Gates is dangerous he needs to go

  9. There are over 90,000,000 Constitutional conservatives, time to start up the Tea Party movement in every community that loves freedom. I went to meetings every week, stood in public with hundreds, and at times thousands of law abiding non-violent people. The reason progressives want to shut down small business, and tell us we have to stay home, is because small business has the money and the way to keep communities together, we can communicate with one another when we gather in our churches, or meeting places and that scares progressives. Their philosophy is to put us in small groups and pit one against the other. Our 90,000,000 voices can be loud and heard if we never give up or give in. They haven’t shut down e-mail yet.

  10. You can hide from the truth only so long, BUT—— it will get out there! The riot at the capitol was a demonrat plot to discredit President Trump and us! Bought and paid for by Piglosi, Schumer and others! It WILL come out! Then what? Why do you think Piglosi is scrambling so hard to get rid of Trump? What is in her laptop that incriminates them all? Mr.President, declare martial law, stop this insanity!

  11. We are saddened about all of the evil that is being played out against our President and his family and our dear United States of America. President Trump is still our beloved President. Those that hate him are evil, our name for them is “demonRats”. We pray that JUSTICE will prevail. GOD is in control whether those evil people believe it or not. They will find out! GOD bless President Trump and his family and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  12. Well, President Trump just Signed the Insurrection act of 1807 and will begin Arresting the Criminals!!! this will be a certainly wake-up Call to the DEMOCRATES Communists Party of Pelosi, Soros, Schumer and the other CCP Puppet Moron’s, Go President Trump. Arrest all of the Treasonous SOB’s in DC and the Blue State CCP Puppet Punks of China/ Russia Terrorists. Court Marital no civilian Trials. For these Traitors. Gitmo and the end of the Pier.

  13. Anyone with an ounce of experience can plainly see the MO of ANTIFA within the raids on the capitol! The fact that the mainstream media is Hyping the event to the extent that they are is additional indication of the continued fraud that is being placed upon the American public! The Democrat Party and their propaganda army of mainstream media continues to spread lies and jump to conclusions that make their opposition appear to be what they themselves are and propose.
    When one looks at the history of the Communist Party many similarities appear, it is not by accident but by design that they place these types of activities in the forefront to appear as if they are the savior’s when in fact they are the perpetrators! these types of activities also took place in Germany prior to WWII by Hitler, and were even greater under Lenin and Stalin! How do I Know, well I am old enough to have lived through these periods of times and have observed the results.

  14. Expect this for as long as they keep the voting scheme they have going. No need to vote as by then they will have you convinced they will just record it for ya. Just as they or i mean you want. The crying about being blocked from twitter is stupid. Oh no now i will have to text my friends or worst have to call them ooooooo. Twitter, facebook tooo much power put into to their hands. But then it is freely giving by yourself. They know more about your life than you think. Please be glad to be blocked. As it is one less they have control of.

  15. Does anyone remember when Obama first got in as President, he said that he would have his own Army, Is this what Antifa is for the Democrats? Antifa should be disbanded and charged with Insurrection.

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