Antifa attacks federal buildings and political opponents – left is silent

The media is gleefully covering the disgraceful attack on the capitol building 24/7 because it makes conservatives and President Trump look bad. But they’re not covering other disgraceful acts by Antifa, because it would make Dems look bad.

That’s emboldening Antifa, and they’re taking advantage.

Fox News reports:

Dozens of black-clad demonstrators swarmed a trio of federal buildings in the City of Brotherly Love on Thursday night, according to police. The buildings included the Robert Nix Building and other federal facilities.

Police also recovered “numerous Molotov cocktails,” Philadelphia police Chief Inspector Mike Cram said in the aftermath, according to local media.

Where is the breathless reporting of “insurrection” and “riots”? Where are the Democrat politicians being forced to disavow the actions of Antifa? Why aren’t left-wingers being banned from Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon?

In San Diego, Antifa thugs attacked a pro-Trump demonstration. According to Breitbart:

An Antifa group armed with a baseball bat, bottles, and chemical sprays attacked a group of Trump supporters at a demonstration in San Diego. Antifa also threw glass bottles, rocks, and eggs at a line of police officers attempting to maintain order.

A video tweeted by Fox5’s Paul Makarushka shows a large group of Antifa counter-protesters attempting to surround a group of Trump supporters. One man is seen waving an Antifa flag over the head of one of the Trump supporters. Another can be seen wielding a baseball bat.

When thugs attacked the Capitol building, we at Main Street Gazette condemned it as a shamefully un-American act that discredited and weakened President Trump and the conservative movement. But will the left-wing media do the same with Antifa? Clearly not.

The media is the enemy of the people.

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