Anti-Trump Fulton County prosecutor kicked off part of election-related case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis received bad news this week when it was announced that a judge ruled that she was banned from pursuing a major component of her Donald Trump witch hunt case in Georgia.

According to the Washington Examiner, “Willis is disqualified from subpoenaing or criminally investigating state Sen. Burt Jones, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, because of a fundraiser she attended last month for a potential rival of Jones. The state senator had been a focus of her inquiry.”

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney explained why he believes removing Willis’ oversight of that aspect of the case is the best way forward.

“An investigation of this significance, garnering the public attention it necessarily does and touching so many political nerves in our society, cannot be burdened by legitimate doubts about the District Attorney’s motives,” the judge wrote.

The judge added: “The District Attorney does not have to be apolitical, but her investigations do. The Bailey fundraiser she sponsored — in her official capacity — makes that impossible when it comes to investigating Bailey’s direct political opponent.”

“Any decision the District Attorney makes about Senator Jones in connection with the grand jury investigation is necessarily infected by it.”

Because of Willis’ new status of being disqualified, she, nor her office, will have the ability to subpoena Jones or declare him a criminal target of the inquiry.

Only time will tell if Willis ends up where she wants on the case, but this was a major blow, and it’ll likely cost her office significantly more time and resources.