Amid debt ceiling war, Hannity warns McConnell not to be a DC ‘swamp creature’

Amid the latest battle over whether and how to raise the federal debt ceiling, Fox News’ Sean Hannity came down hard on Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), warning him not to assist Democrats in achieving their “radical” ends and imploring him to “stop being a Washington swamp-creature and start acting like a conservative.”

Though in the end, McConnell facilitated a short-term deal with Democrats to raise the national debt limit through December of this year, Hannity urged the Republican leader to hold firm to the wishes of his base on this issue as well as on the massive spending bills liberals are still attempting to push through by the end of the month.

Suggesting that those on the left have created their own mess with regard to the spending measures as well as the debt limit battle, Hannity explained, “This is the Democrats’ problem and people like Mitch McConnell need to stop being a hostage to scary government shutdown rhetoric.”

Though McConnell himself tried to justify his decision by claiming that a short-term deal would “moot Democrats’ excuses about the time crunch” and force them to pass a standalone increase on their own down the line, the Fox News prime time host said that the move amounted to a political boon to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“Radical Democrats on Capitol Hill have a brand new hero – with their multi-trillion-dollar socialist agenda now stalled in Congress, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is throwing them a lifeline,” Hannity lamented.

Warning of the potential fallout from what many might view as a fairly innocuous turn of events, Hannity added, “In a backroom deal, McConnell agreed to raise the debt ceiling, giving Democrats more time to use a process known as ‘reconciliation’ to ram through their socialist agenda,” referring to the process by which spending measures can be passed with a simple majority, bypassing possible Senate Republican filibuster.

McConnell’s eventual cooperation with Democrat desires on the debt limit drew the ire of a number of high-profile members of his own party, with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham opining, “We folded like a cheap suit here in the 11th hour,” adding, “We made a promise, for two months, that we would make [Democrats] do it without our help and we folded, and I hate that,” the Daily Mail .

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz added his voice to those disappointed by McConnell’s capitulation, saying, “Our leadership got cold feet, they got weak-kneed because they were afraid that [West Virginia Sen. Joe] Manchin and [Arizona Sen. Kyrsten] Sinema would agree to nuke the filibuster, which is what has been threatened over and over again.”

Once it was clear that McConnell did not heed the advice he had given earlier in the week, Hannity declared on Thursday that it had been a “pretty sad and pathetic day” reminiscent of the “Republican party pre-Trump” in which “swamp creatures didn’t keep their word,” a sentiment with which a growing number of conservatives are inclined to agree.